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Saturday, 25 April 2009

The Nu Puritans

Once upon a time, in our distant land in a distant era, if you didn't match the stereotypical white, Anglo Saxon, heterosexual Christian you were deemed fair game for abuse, derision, denormalisation, hatred, violence and even death.

Thank god those days are over in this land of ours called Great Britain and we have the history books to remind us every now and again how it once was and that we should never go down that path ever again.

And then came the Nu Puritans! The high and the mighty who wear hair shirts and weild their bloody axes to smite those that don't match up (or shape) to their lofty, population mind control ideals in NuZanu Great Britain.

Now we have a new bunch of undesirables to roast on the spit of new found intolerance, the drinker, smoker and the more rotund of us, aka, the obese, (we used to call them fat people but I guess that didn't put the burning tyre around there neck so the puritanical replaced it with OBESE. It hurts when you see it in large print, doesn't it?)

These paragons of virtue who hold sway over our lives these days are eagerly aided and abetted in their hatred of our lifestyles by big business, businesses like Ryanair:

"NO-FRILLS airline Ryanair has moved a step closer to introducing a "fat tax" for overweight passengers by launching a consultation on how it should be introduced.
The move suggests the Irish carrier could follow several airlines in the United States in charging extra for "very large passengers"."

And in true Nazi style the many are encouraged to sharpen their axes by enticing them with money:

"The company wants customers to vote by next Monday on four options for the charge, after the tax came top in a passengers' poll seeking the best cost-reduction idea. Ryanair said revenue from a fat tax would be used to reduce fares"

Ah, those polls eh, don't you just love em? That'll be those polls that were independently conducted and verifiable would it?

And of course if that was not enough to make the more portly of you despise yourselves Ryanair have a few ideas on how one should be damned as OBESE, they've done a few calculations for the witch hunters to ponder:

"The airline has asked for views on whether the charge should be based on a passenger's weight, their waist size or body mass index. A fourth option would require a passenger whose waist touched both arm rests simultaneously to pay for a second seat."

And, of course, where there's a so called 'vice' to condemn then there's a shit for brains group urging, pushing and hollering from the rooftops "go on, go's for their own damn good, we wouldn't say it otherwise!"

"The move won strong support from the National Obesity Forum yesterday as an incentive for passengers to lose weight."

There's more bilge from Ryanair Spokesman Stephen McNamara provided in the article but I've read enough to keep me gagging for a long time to come so I'm keeping my head down and making for the hills, looking for the nearest cave to curl up in and effing die!

Oh, did I forget to tell you that fat people are blamed for Global Warming?

But that's another story.

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bayard said...

I don't think an airline is a good example. They are in the business of moving mass, whether passengers or freight, from one place to another. The more mass they move, the more fuel they burn, the more it costs to fly the plane. Thus, even if fat people were considered the norm and thin people the demonised minority, they would still have a case for charging fat people more. AFAIK, in the early part of the C20th, when you weighed in for a flight, you stood on the scales with your luggage - your weight allowance included you!

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