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Sunday, 14 March 2010

A threat that DOES NOT exist! Second Hand Smoke anyone? No! Try Global Warming.

But a threat to your freedoms does exist.


Mark Wadsworth said...

I've said it before and I'll say it again, when embedding videos, set the width to 400 and height to 295.

Unknown said...

For the past few days now I've been wondering why my videos were going askew, been fiddling about with the width for some time without any good results, thanks Mark, you smartass. :¬)

Unknown said...

Chit, Guido's vid of Nick's release needs a make many more? Done anyway.

banned said...

Like they say, we have to win the Climate Change argument every time, the warmists only need to win one.

banned said...

I have crossposted your vid, ta.

Reuters on the story

Anonymous said...

Maybe the same hate and venom spewing anti-smokers posting here parroting the anti-smoking rhetoric and SHS lies will begin posting on this article to promote the NWO agenda that will lead to carbon allotments becoming the new currency of exchange maybe. It's one thing when the uneducated educated and unintelligent intellects are willing to enslave themselves. It's another thing when they loudly shout down and name-call to intimidate and bring down others to their same level of stupidity and ignorance, wishing we all have to be enslaved, the way the smoke-haters and climate-change-buffons already have allowed themselves to become.

Anonymous said...

I've nicked it to, BigYin.

Banned, you're a hive of information!

Anon, if they do, give us a shout and I'm sure we'll all pile in with relish!

This is not about smoking - it's about freedom, which the Righteous and the Offended are to comfortable (for now now) to realise.

Anonymous said...

"Nicked it too", I should've said!
And also "too comfortable!!

Unknown said...

Help yourself Fausty, it's public property and should be spread far and wide.

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