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Monday, 1 March 2010

It had to happen...

...that there would be a backlash about Nick Hogan's incarceration.

Jpeg created by Freedom2Choose member Barry Connaughton.


Anonymous said...

Is Barry an angel or an angel ??

Captain Ranty said...


Pick one. In your case he is both.

I've seen his photo and I would say he was an Angle.

Or a Saxon.

Or a Viking.


Anonymous said...

I think he is an angel of mercy.

Unknown said...
This comment has been removed by the author.
Chris M said...

Unfair fines based on unfair judgements by politically motivated unfair puppets of the government = A huge backlash against the establishment who have now shown everyone just how 'fair they can be. A bigger punishment than mugging, dangerous driving or drug offences, yeh a real justice system applied without malice. What a bunch of wankers our servants of the law are.

Anonymous said...

I am led to believe the person in question
is a bit of each.No wise cracks ,Please
I do believe the Big Yin has a picture of the said chap at a Nordic ASHDAMMERUNG FEST.
hopefully he will display it on this blogsite.

Cheerypips for now.

Exile in waiting

Amusing Bunni said...

Hi Big Yin. This is an outrage about Nick. I lost my job, so I don't have any spare cash to donate. I hope he gets out of prison soon.

Unknown said...

Bunni I'm sure that Nick could have paid the fine if he wanted to but he is making a statement. The smoking ban has bankrupted him and closed down both of his pubs but he could have came to an arrangement with the court to pay it off but he didn't. He's a principled man.

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