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Friday, 5 March 2010

Nick Hogan, Old Holborn, Phil Johnson blog post removed.

Having spoke to Phil Johnson tonight he and the committee of Freedom2Choose, due to the furore by his remarks, have asked me to remove the blog post: A public statement by Freedom2Choose's Chairman Phil Johnson.

Phil stated that all he asked of Old Holborn was:

That a letter of intention to reimburse the 3rd party donor after Nick Hogan was released, whether that reimbursement be next week or next month, was all that was needed, the donor knowing the way Paypal works.
Nick is still in prison, which, I think, was what Phil wanted to avoid.

The Freedom2Choose front page item has also been removed from their website and I personally hope this is an end to the matter. All comments are still welcome.


Anonymous said...

If only this government could realise that a mistake was made and amend the ban.

Well done freedom2choose for being big enough to remove stuff that was causing rows between mates

Anonymous said...

Glad it's sorted.

Note to HMG/ASH/Quangoes: You don't need 'working parties', 'mission statements', millions of our pounds - just goodwill and common sense.


Unknown said...

We will see Joyce, just waiting for OH to fire a shot over this blogs bows but I'll take it on the chin. :¬)

Anonymous said...

Well done to Phil Johnson for all of his hard work and the committee of Freedom2choose.

Anonymous said...

I was under the impression that the 'spat' was over.

Old Hoburn has stated on Simon's blog that 'Our differences are over' and you have posted this message on your blog.

Seems to me that we're all together again, fighting this stupid ban and raising money from the public a lot faster than the antis can.

Anonymous said...

Good. F2C and Old Holborn are on the same side - against the Big State and all those who would try and impose their will on the individual.

OH has already said he'll never do anything like this again. I sincerely hope that's a "hangover-style never do it again" rather than a serious conviction, as the world needs the likes of OH being a pain in the arse to those who oppress us with our own money.

F2C and OH have been mates for a long time - I hope that they may continue to be so.

Anonymous said...

Freedom2choose should hang their heads in shame. This is from Anna's post on OH's blog

"'did somebody lean on you'

You don't know the half of it mate. I have been reduced to tears by some of the back biting, whispering, glory chasing, publicity seeking, insidious allegations and e-mails that have followed my decision to blog on Denise's behalf.

The only thing that has kept me going is the knowledge that I have Denise's full support, and Old Holborn's calm repetition of 'take no notice they're just ********s' at two hourly intervals.

All that pales into insignificance compared to the stress Denise has been under all week, forced to keep a smile on her face in the pub all day, and field myriad telephone calls from people who have (variously) informed her that lawyers were 'at that moment' about to spring Nick from jail legally, anonymous doners were 'on their way' to the jail to pay the bill and release Nick.

Denise's original comment that prompted my blog was 'all the people who encouraged Nick - where are they now?'

I didn't know, but I set out to find another group of people who would help her, and with Old Holborn's more than able assistance, we made it happen.

As Old Holborn has said - we have both had a shit week since that Sunday afternoon, neglecting home, partners, blogs and all else in between as we worked round the clock to get links in as many places as possible.

Anybody else was free to do the same. Old Holborn is famous for posting anything. It costs nothing but your time and effort.

But by Christ, there will be one hell of a blog coming from me once Nick is safely home. I am beyond angry.

Just for the record, Nick is not on suicide watch, of course he is depressed, you would be if the people you thought you could rely on to pull together were busy infighting, but he was perfectly happy and content with all arrangements this morning, which was the last time his wife, who is a better authority on him than anyone else in the entire world, spoke to him. "

As Denise said to Anna 'all the people who encouraged Nick - where are they now?'. You have known the man fighting your cause owed £10k in fines but you all just sat behind your computers posting your silly messages instead of putting your money where your mouth is.

You are such a disgrace.

Unknown said...

Why are F2C a disgrace and should be ashamed of themselves Anon? We have been collecting money to pay Nick, Hamish Howitt and Tony Blows fines since 2007/8. As a small in numbers organisation however we were unable to make a large dent in their fines, only a couple of thousand for each but they all gladly received this and thanked up personally for doing so. I for one didn't realise that Nick was up at court in this latest skirmish with the law.

Freedom2Choose has NOTHING to be ashamed of and we commend Anna and OH for their sterling efforts, every damned one of us.

Anonymous said...

Seems the "Blogsphere" (is there such a thing???) went into overdrive last night out of frustration that Nick is not where he should be.
Son't fully understand why it couldn't happen yesterday but, whatever the reasons, these are the facts. What matter to me is that we get Nick home ASAP and the fight against the oppression continues until the REAL criminals who have taken OUR country away from us are where Nick is now.
Somehow, I don't think that there will be much of a movement to collect funds to get THEM out.
Let's not lose sight of who the enemy truly is when feelings and emotions are "running high".

Old Holborn said...

I do think it was a little unkind of F2C yesterday to ring Denise (Nicks wife) telling her that a mystery donor was on their way to prison to release nick immediately.

And then not bother to tell her they weren't.

Unknown said...

That you would have to take up with Phil Johnson OH, he knows more about what was said to Denise than this humble blog writer does.

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