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Saturday, 26 November 2011

Pells Hell

Miss bossy knickers herself, Jill Pell

 Well, well, well, the truth is slowly coming out about what smoking bans do to countries-they cost them lots of money! We have a warrior who, being no one's fool, has assessed the costs of the smoking ban to be somewhere within £100K of £19bn - yeah, thats a hell of a lot of noughts folks.

It's also a hell of a lot of winter fuel bill allowances gone up in smoke...

It's also a hell of a lot of pension payments gone up in smoke...

It's also a hell of a lot of NHS funding gone up in smoke...

It's also a hell of a lot unnecessary wages paid to junk scientists who produce untold amounts of junk for purposes of profit !

Yes, as the title indicates, I'm talking about that creature from north of the border that gave us bogus heart attack figures to mull over as they whizzed around the world in a media frenzy as Prof: Jill Pell was in a 'publish and be damned' frame of mind-only to hide under the nearest rock as proper statisticians found flaw after flaw within the study. But the damage was done! As far as the media were concerned Scotlands heart attack rate had dropped, dramatically, by between 17%-20% depending on which rag you chose to read.
Time erases embarrassment, so they say, but we don't allow such, so it is with great delight that we can now announce that the 'illustrious' professor is now in the most unsavoury position of having to admit that Scotlands smoking ban is a complete failure as smoker prevalence has actually risen since Holyrood stamped its feet, clapped its grubby mitts and said goodbye to smokers-or so they thought.
And funnily enough the 'Pellmachine' churned out yet another rubbish study on asthmatics in 2010-which, again, was torn apart by proper people!
If any of you want to e-mail this dunce of duplicity to ask why she is still in receipt of exhorbitant wages then feel free to do so: E-mail I'm sure she'll be delighted to crawl out from under some stone or other and demand more be spent on smoking cessation programmes (ie more wages for her and her cronies at the expense of everyone else not involved in tobacco control).
It is totally beyond me how we give the World Health Organisation US $33m per annum for them to tell us that we must cut smoking rates, which cost us an absolute fortune (£19bn so far) whilst they (the World Health Organisation) ignore the exceedingly poor health of African nations who are losing people to malnutrition, bad water & ill health at the rate of 4,000 per day-according to our TV screens! Yet the adverts keep on rolling..."for just £2 per day, you could...". Hang on, we are already paying a damned sight more than £2 per day, we're paying approximately £69K per day for the WHO to save the worlds starving people!
But all these true facts & figures are hidden because the media likes to brown-nose governments, hence any news on smoking bans is worthy of major mention, including totally false statistical claims from the likes of Jill Pell-but I doubt, somehow, that this piece of news will be broadcast 'from the rafters', do you? Smoking rates increased, oh my goodness me, we need to throw more money at the problem. We haven't got much left as we've just chucked another £40m-bn-trn (one of them, take your pick!) into the european toilet, but what ever happens we must not be seen to be relaxing our wrath on the humble smoker who only donates £11bn per annum to the coffers, unlike the 'Pellmachine' who continually bleeds us dry but provides us with utter statistical bilge for her worthless existence. Normally one would feel sympathy for someone who's lifes work has just gone up in smoke but I can't find one iota of sympathy for this murderess 0f people's human rights, slayer of enjoyments and falsifier of truths! Smoking rates are on the increase so she and her ilk have failed. Sack them. They are nothing but a drain on resources, let them wallow in the mire of Job Seekers Allowance and the poverty that beckons all unemployed. Can't see the jobcentre having many vacancies for liars & fraudsters can you? For Pell it would be Hell!

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