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Sunday, 20 November 2011

Anti smoking hysteria, from here to eternity.

Getting the snip...ouch.
They want a level playing field and are willing to get into bed with the devil when it comes to smoking and smoking bans:
A group called Save Indianapolis Bars plans to lobby council members to minimize exemptions so private clubs and other competitors don't gain a leg up. It counts about 1,300 bar owners, employees and patrons as members.

Two years ago, the group took out radio ads opposing an expansion of Marion County's 2005 smoke-free law. But many bar owners now see the writing on the wall.
Err, no you dont!
And the BMA went viral with their assertion that a total smoking ban in cars was the way to go but did not hide their aim of denormalising and marginalising smokers:
Would banning smoking in cars infringe on individual rights? "That is for the ethicists and lawyers to discuss," Dr. Whiteson said. "But whatever we can do to raise awareness of the dangers of smoking and limit space where people can smoke, the better."
No hidden agenda there then.
It's a miracle, smoking bans do reduce heart where have I heard that before?
Some groundbreaking research out of the Mayo Clinic shows that when cities and counties ban smoking in public buildings, the rate of heart attacks in the area drops dramatically.
 Yep, never let an old lie die of a hea...

Shock, horror, whatever next?
THE number of Scots smoking has risen since it was ­banned in public places – and the vast ­majority live in our poorest ­ housing estates.
I don't believe it! 
Let smokers shivver in the dark says pious anti smokers, not on my watch says Joe Belanger.
They are the righteous and they are the pious and only unto them will come the truth.

Yes, of course I’m referring to the Middlesex-London Health Unit and the board of health and, yes, I’m being facetious because when it comes to the anti-smoking lobby, truth always takes a back seat to rhetoric to win the battle.

And that’s what is happening in the push to ban smoking from patios at bars and restaurants and, I’d argue, even some parks and festivals where only adults can attend. And it is so unnecessary.
Oh very true Joe but you just had to go and let yourself down, didn't you!
That’s not to say second-hand smoke isn’t a very real health threat. I think every smoker, me included, intuitively knows it is. If someone is breathing in cigarette smoke, it only stands to reason they are going to suffer the same ill effects as a smoker.
So you've bought that bull to Joe tsk tsk.

Money, money money, it's rich pickings for anti smoking councils.
On the day discussions about a possible future ban on drivers smoking in their own cars has made the news, a hackney carriage driver and a private hire vehicle driver who were caught smoking in their vehicles have been convicted of an offence of smoking in a smoke-free place.

One of Chesterfield Borough Council's Enforcement Officers saw John Melvin Green (aged 43) of Foljambe Road, Chesterfield Town Centre, smoking inside a hackney carriage whilst he was driving it along Saltergate and Durrant Road, Chesterfield on 25th May 2011.

In the other case, an Enforcement Officer saw Steven Potter (aged 43) of Handley Road, New Whittington, smoking inside a private hire vehicle on Corporation Street, Chesterfield on 15th June 2011.

The Council had previously offered both Mr Green and Mr Potter a fixed penalty notice as an alternative to prosecution but they did not pay the £50 penalty (reduced to £30 if paid within 15 days).

Both cases were heard at North East Derbyshire and Dales Magistrates' Court on November 3rd and both submitted written pleas of guilty to the Court.

The Court fined Mr Green and Mr Potter £50 each and ordered them to pay costs of £50 each to the Council. They were also ordered to pay a victims' surcharge of £15 each.
 Whoever said "the law is an ass" gets a big thumbs up from me.
 Still, next weeks news may bring a crumb of comfort to us smokers eh?

PS: I hate blogger editor with a passion, it never formats the way you want...bastard.


The Filthy Engineer said...

"PS: I hate blogger editor with a passion, it never formats the way you want...bastard."

I use Windows "Live Writer". Works for me.

John Baker said...

FE I used to use Live Writer all the time but somehow got out of tha habit, maybe it is time to revisit it.

Bucko said...

Why did the cabbies plead guilty in court if they didn't want to pay the tickets?

Don't these busybody jobsworths need some kind of proof in order to convict. Watching a car drive past, you wouldn't have any proof other than one word against another.

They should have fought it.

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