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Wednesday, 16 November 2011

That was the week that was...

...and I'm still reeling from it.

I don't own a car, never have done for many, many years now and, to be honest, I just couldn't afford to run one. What with the ever increasing hike in petrol and road tax with maintenance charges on top then it is a no go area for a lot of people. Apart from those that have a very well paying job most people that drive these days do so out of necessity, they need transport to and from their workplace and when they get time to themselves they use their most expensive purchase, which is devaluing every time they clock up a mile, to get away from their humdrum working lives, usually taking their families to places they would not be able to go, places to relax and get away from that 'humdrum' life that may be with them for the rest of your natural.

A car is more than a means of transport to the masses. Many people see their purchase of a car more than just a means of transport to and from work, it is their pride and joy, their mechanical child that they will nurture, fawn over and polish with glee until it's dying chug, chug, chuging demise. Indeed the car is an extension of the owners home, just as if it were a conservatory or Winnebago, Caravan or motor home here in the UK.

If anyone came into your home and told you, in no uncertain terms, how to run it what would you do? That's what the nanny statists like the BMA wants our government to do, tell you what you can and cannot do in your own car and the next 'logical' step would be to ban you from smoking in your own home using junk science as a precursor. I'm talking about the absurd notion that smoking should be banned in all cars, regardless who is in the car with the smoker.

Since the BMA used it's fetid connections to the MSM on black Wednesday it, only one day later, retracted it's 23 times high concentration of deadly toxins in a smokers car lie and reduced it to 11 times hopping that nobody would notice and their 'claims' would go unquestioned but they had no chance of that!

Freedom2Choose has always been at the forefront in the smoking debate and have constantly deconstructed the lies told by Tobacco Control in the UK and their masters in Brussells (pdf).

From it's very inception Freedom2Choose realised that banning smoking in public places was just the start and the control freaks would move on to other lifestyle choices, like what you eat and what you drink, this has been proven to be so.

On Black Wednesday F2C's office was inundated with requests for our say on the BMA's ludicrous suggestion that smoking should be banned in all cars. I passed these requests onto our new chairman Dave Atherton and, oh boy, did he hit the ground running!

Below is only two examples where Dave went on prime time TV and radio and I could only record the sound when he was interviewed on the BBC News Channel.

Thanks Dave, you certainly have made an impression and long may you improve the lot of those that come under the boot of the health fascists.


Pat Nurse MA said...

I'll second that. You might also like to know that F2C got a mention in the Lincolnite too

John Baker said...

Pat I was listening to radio Lincs on Wednesday morning as I knew you, amongst others, were going to be talking on the radio about the proposed ban and I was ready to record it. Unfortunately your interview never started on time, and nor did the others. Sorry I missed it but glad I now have the chance to catch up. I wanted also to listen to Chris Snowdon but that did not happen either. Wednesday was the most depressing day from my recent past.

Keep on fighting.

Anonymous said...

Great stuff John. Only thing is I think you mean "23 times" and "11 times" rather than 23% and 11%. Both figures were plucked out of the air of course.

John Baker said...

You are correct Tony. I just don't understand numbers but go with my gut that says SHS, wherever it may be, is as harmless as talc on a baby's bum.

Anonymous said...

It's really very simple, the day that the British Medical Asscociation or Her Majesties Government buy me a car, tax, insure, pay for the maintenance, the M.O.T. and fuel costs then I will follow their dictats.

If they are not willing to do that then I am not willing to be dictated to as what I choose to do within my private property!

Given the numbers of drivers I see breaking the current laws namely driving without due care and attention because they are chastising noisy children, retuning radios, arguing with their spouses, eying up pretty girls or lads either in the flesh or on billboards, or driving while overtired, intoxicated by drugs or alcohol or just plain old fashioned stupidity all of which cause accidents most of which are not prosecuted by the police because they are already overstretched.

These fools at the BMA want to increase that workload and make our roads even less safe than already are, have the casualty departments so little to do that the BMA has to tout for buisiness by encouraging laws that will increase accidents on the roads because the police are too busy chasing smokers.

handymanphil said...

I noticed on the Lincolnshire site there is already a link to SFH-Smoke free Homes where they claim over 15,700 have 'signed up-so we all now know what is coming next if they get away with this one! Arnott let the cat out of the bag about getting rid of smokers/smoking!

Quiting smoking. said...

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Anonymous said...

Hat tip John Baker.

Dave Atherton

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