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Saturday, 5 November 2011

There's something in the air tonight!

Yes, it's Guy Fawkes night and as I write the noise is deafening from the fireworks that seem to get louder and louder with each passing year. It is unsettling the wife, who has Alzheimer's so a long night lies ahead. I, late evening, took a four minute walk to the local shop to get my rolling tobacco and as I walked their the air was thick with cordite and smoke, not tobacco smoke, you understand, that's too deadly to see the light of the inside of a pub, but the smoke made by other lit combustibles that our citizens partake of this time of year, a jolly time of year when the average UK citizen lets their hair down!

But this jovial celebration of a Catholic being hung, drawn and quartered a few hundred years ago is deemed non pc in a couple of quarters (forgive the pun) these days and should be banned, not on a health issue, there never is a health issue, but because it may offend a Catholic or three who never were offended in the first place. Any sane person would firmly place these events in the time that it happened rather than bring them up in the present, but I am talking about sanity here.

Enjoy Guy Fawkes night.

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