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Saturday, 3 December 2011


A lady with a difference, Anne Hegerty (extreme left).

Spot the difference between the two women in the photos. One is an intelligent frump looking woman who knows what she is talking about and willing to go head to head with Joe Public who think they are hard enough to take her on and challenge the answers she gives to any given question. The other woman is Jill Pell. Guess which lady is known as miss frosty knickers?
 A lady of indifference, Jill Pell, smoking Jihadist.

Jill Pell is a lady woman that is not approachable by Joe Public.


Lysistrata said...

@ John
It's Jill Pell, not Jull Pell or even Jill pell.
It's Jihadist, not Jehadist.
It's intelligent, not inteligent.

John Baker said...

@Lyssistrata I had changed the Jull part but did not put the spellcheck on and missed jihadist and inteligent, thanks for the correction.

Maverick said...

Grammar police .. they get everywhere .. except a life !!!

Anonymous said...

Actually, Maverick, Lysistrata was only acting as Spelling Police- ...person? The many punctuation errors were also overlooked.


Anonymous said...

Spiling an gromeer aprting, I have noticed a strange thing - no matter what these quack professors and quack doctors say, no matter how far fetched their conclusions, never a single word of criticism emerges from the mouths of the BMA etc. One cannot help but feel that this is deliberate. That is, that they (Nathanson, Pell, Arnott, Duggan, etc) are not only not chastised but wildly applauded.

It never ceases to amaze me that honest doctors put up with this sort of thing from the organisation of which they are members.
Catchpa is 'drolle'.

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