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Saturday, 5 November 2011

Only in America? The SHS nuisance $$$

When I first heard that the UK was proposing a smoking ban based on the absurdity that SHS (Second Hand Smoke) was detrimental to a non smoker's health I was appalled. Oh I knew it could be an irritation to some but in no way was it lethal nor was is it detrimental to their health and wellbeing. But those that loath smoking and tobacco convinced politicians that it was thus, using spurious at best, lies at most to hoodwink them and the great British public into thinking it was so.

Now that the anti smoker and their cohorts at ASH et al have their way with smoking bans aplenty they turn their attention to widening their remit into the very fabric of your personal space, your car will, if the banners get their way, be an exclusion zone for smokers who have children under a certain age and, with the invention of third hand smoke, you will be banned from taking your kids in a car where a smoking parent once smoked, this is coming, whether you rail against it or not, they are that powerful.

It all started in the "land of the free"!

I live in a block of flats and I am waiting for a ban from my landlords that say I cannot smoke in my personal abode as the smoke travels and infilcts many harms on other residents and I can see this coming to pass as I read this from the USA.

The Greenbelt secondhand smoke trial came to a quick conclusion today after a lengthy trial. Judge Albert Northrop ruled David Schuman deserved no compensation for his claim that his neighbor’s secondhand smoke created a nuisance that Greenbelt Homes Inc. (GHI) failed to solve.
 Yes, that's right, this anti smoking a*hole took his landlords to court claiming compo because he claims SHS caused a nuisance to him (notice there is no mention of health throughout) but Judge Northrop did not see it that way.

Northrop noted if he had ruled in favor of Schuman the case would set the precedent for action on secondhand smoke claims not just for condominiums and townhomes, but also single-family homes.
Instead, Northrop said that the level of secondhand smoke entering David Schuman’s townhouse was not an actionable nuisance. Nor did he see bad faith in GHI's handling of Schuman’s complaints.
After the decision was read, David Schuman and his attorney, J. P. Szymkowicz walked out of the courtroom and retreated to a conference room.
“We’re very pleased with the outcome,” said Gretchen Overdurff, GHI general manager, after the decision was read, “It was appropriate and our counsel did a good job.”
 Read the lot here but how long will it take for this type of action take to come to our shores?

What starts in America never, ever stays their. You have been warned!

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