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Wednesday, 2 November 2011

F2C Forum


The F2C Forum site is having technical problems - people with screwdrivers are working day and night on it - it should be back up shortly!

In the meantime, as this may take a little while to sort out, here are two other online ways members can communicate.

On Facebook:  go to the group Freedom2choose(F2C)

Via Skype:  send a request to be added as a contact to carol.cattell1. She will add you (only if she knows you!) to a private F2C chat group.

F2C Executive are also letting members know what is happening via Front Pagearticles on the main F2C website and through the Newsletter.

We will keep everyone updated by every means possible.

How can you help? By getting this message out to any of your F2C contacts whose private details you may have.

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