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Sunday, 7 August 2011

Whoops, they're at it again!

I'm talking E-petitions here. Yes, I know people's resolve has been sorely tested by this coagulation governments last petition site debacle, especially the smoking debate petitions, after the boy David told some mumsy types that they need not worry, we won't be bringing back hanging or repealing the smoking ban.
With this in mind I hesitantly started an E-petition, not for a repeal of the ban nor for separate smoking rooms but for the business owners to be able to make their own mind up whether to allow smoking in their establishments...they do have property rights after all?

For the government to listen 100,000 'signatures' need to be taken but, and I quote:

"your e-petition COULD be heard in the house of commons."
If, and I say if, we had a massive hit of signatories then the government may call us a bunch of right wing bloggers, just like they called the 'bring back hanging' signers in the press recently.
There are two anti smoking petitions on there already, one to ban prisoners from smoking, on health grounds, of course, and one to enforce hospital smoking bans outside more rigorously.

Anyway, putting away my contempt for such things I filled in the E-petition form and got this reply:

You have now confirmed your email address.
Your e-petition will now be checked to make sure it complies with the terms & conditions for creating an e-petition.
Checking can take up to 7 days, so we'll send you an email once this is done.
Shouldn't be a problem should there? When I wrote:

The smoking ban in the UK was built on a tissue of lies about SHS (Second Hand Smoke) to appease the EU and the domestic Tobacco Control movement prevalent in our ‘big society’. This socially divisive ban should be amended to allow businesses their property rights and be allowed to say whether they allow smoking in their privately owned establishments or not.
There is a movement afoot in this country that apes the puritans of old that want to inflict laws on the people of the UK that forbid them personal choices and freedoms. That failed then and it will fail now as our freedoms and choices will not be bartered.
I therefore ask this government to give businesses the freedom to choose whether they go smoking or non smoking.
The smoking ban was never about health but about social control.
Please sign this petition for the sake of freedom and democracy.
I am a founder member of Freedom2Choose dot info.

So getting an e-petion off the ground is subject to scrutiny is it? I wonder which wording will eliminate me from contributing eh?

I will let you all know when I get an answer as to whether my e-petion gets off the ground.


Belinda said...

well done, TBY!

TheBigYin said...

I'm lost anon, what was your point?

TheBigYin said...

Thanks Bel.

budgie said...

Nice one John.

If you get the green light lets' hope the other bloggers will push it.

B7 said...

Nice one John, I have my e pen ready to sign.

TheBigYin said...

Thanks B7, I'm still waiting for the go ahead from our masters.

Where the hell did anon go? Did I dream him???

Anonymous said...

Seems so - first I've heard of it.

Anyway, what was I doing in the dream? (Please tell me it wasn't a wet one).

TheBigYin said...

"(Please tell me it wasn't a wet one)."

Why anon, they are the best ones, they stop me from pissing the bed when I've had a few beers lol.

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