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Tuesday, 9 August 2011

I predict a riot!

There is no excuse for unfettered violence that I can defend when people have had enough of state interference in their lives. Many people in the blogosphere have commented that the recent riots was down to yob culture and 'leaches of the state' to sate their inbuilt disgust at the UK's welfare state. But I disagree. Yes there is some element of this but when governments heap one statist law upon another then something has to give, and governments have given the disenfranchised an excuse to riot.

I'm not going to be an apologist for the rioters here but a little bit of me wants to riot with them against the smoking ban. The smoking ban has enraged me so much since it's inception that I wanted to rage against it, on the streets if necessary! I hate bullies, always have done since I was a boy and violent bullies I hate the most so would cheerfully do some 'time' to get rid of them. But I am too old for rioting. All I can do is call for justice to prevail and simmer while it does not.

While Rome the UK burns and I fume about the smoking ban my only course of action is to sign the petition against it so please stop me being the oldest rioter in town by signing this petition.


Anonymous said...

I believe that todays kids have a lot to complain about but they should hold peaaceful demonstrations and not riot.

TheBigYin said...

I agree anon but do wonder what sparked this? It surely was not the shooting that they say they are rebelling against otherwise it would not have spread. There is something else afoot here that I can't put my finger on.

Anonymous said...

I believe that it's a lot to do with bailing out banks and EU countries while we have had to put up with cuts and tax increases.
We need to invest in our kids.

handymanphil said...

John, it is not 'just about the shooting'. I have put my thoughts on facebook already so am expecting the 'social networking plod' to batter the door down shortly. To repeat the facebook comment, "thi8s is about people being totally pissed of with dictatorship. This is to do with kids having nothing to look forward to when leaving college, uni or simply school. This is about hope & future-both of which there very little of for our youth of today. This is about people realising that politicians are taking the piss generally. This is about people seeing their human rights & civil liberties being eroded bit by bit. This is about reaction to state control!
Last night some fool informed the nation in general, quite pompously, that 'water-cannon' would sort this hooligan/riff-raff element out. I gently pointed out that two judiciously thrown petrol bombs (molotov style) would sort any water cannon or indeed vehicle out.
That is not a "desire to see", that is a statement of fact for if plod decide to bring in 'heavy stuff' then the riots will go one of two ways.
a) will quell the uprising and Cameron can bugger off back to Italy at our expense
b) will fuel the fires of discontent and escalate into all out war.
I read that 8 plodsters were injured; I see, duly noted. They have jobs do they not? and part of that job defies all H&S regulations as they can be subject to attack as now seen. But they chose that profession, they chose to garner wages from such employment-99% of the rioters are without doubt unemployed and with very little hope of ever gaining employment, especially when government gives jobs away to EU nieghbours (eg Germany).
I'm afraid I am with TBY on this one, for part of me hates the assholes who voted in this smoking ban and totally detests those that perpetrated this gigantic fraud. So part of this tired, beaten up old carcass is with the rioters as they create mayhem, as they show 'the establishment' they are not happy. Funny that really-NOR AM I !

TheBigYin said...

Oh please anon @07:15pm don't tell me to think of the chiiildren, they are mollycoddled enough but still they riot. I am old enough to remember a famous singer of the fitties, sixties and seventies who led a campaign in Glasgow against knife crime and the gang culture there back in the early sixties, his name was Frankie Vaughan and he was trying to get the youth and their gang culture to bin knifes, well that worked, didn't it.

People these days need to take responsibility for their own actions, not say "I am a child at eighteen years old so I can't be held responsible!"

I made many mistakes in my youth but hurting people was not one of them.

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