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Monday, 8 August 2011

Be carefull what you put in your mouth! Don't milk it.

A lofty hat tip goes to one of our forum members stateside, jredheadgirl.

We here in the UK are familiar with the phrase "only in America" but we also know that what starts in the states does not stay there, smoking bans a case in point.

Suspend your disbelief as you watch the video below. It couldn't happen here, could it?


handymanphil said...

And they think the only reason for the Tottenham riots was plod shooting a man???
The sooner that millions, not thousands, of people are thoroughly pissed off - the better!

timbone said...

It has already happened here. Several years ago there was a community in the West Country able to buy unpasteurised milk. It was stopped.

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