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Tuesday, 23 August 2011

We need YOU to help YOURSELVES

I don't know exactly how he has done it but he has! Simon Clark (FOREST) was adamant that the petition we needed to promote was his friend and fellow campaigner Anthony Worrall Thompson's petition. Not that it is worded any more or less brilliantly that the original petition by Daniel Connolly, it's not, but the point is that 'AWT' is a "NAME", a celebrity, a household name AND a well known face of TV fame. Simon Clark states:

If we hit 100,000 signatures – enough to possibly generate a debate in the House of Commons – I hereby promise that Forest will organise a party at The Greyhound to mark the achievement! For the moment our goal is rather more modest: I want to get AWT's petition into the top 20 and keep it there for next twelve months. In the short term that means a minimum of 5,000 signatures."
Antony Worrall Thompson, chef and anti smoking ban champion

New government rules state that e-petitions that gain 100,000 signatures may well force debate in the House of Commons We already know that we now have many friendly MPs and we know that number is growing steadily as prohibition finds its enemies along its thorny path.
We need every single member to sign this petition.

But not only am I asking you to sign the petition, I am asking you to then email 7, yes 7 other people asking them to sign the petition-and then ask them to do the same. it is vitally important that we get at least 100,000 signatures.
I have always said that it is people power that will see this despicable ban amended, well here is the chance for people power to shine through.

It is also rather a bonus that AWT has first hand experience of the pub trade and therefore exactly what the smoke ban has done to the trade for he runs The Greyhound in Rotherfield Peppard (near Henley). Although I have never actually asked 'AWT', I'm sure that he expounds his views of the smoking ban just as we do - vehemently!

The Greyhound

On his blog Simon states " If we hit 100,000 signatures-enough to possibly generate a debate in the House of Commons-I hereby promise that FOREST will organise a party at The Greyhound to mark the achievement. For the moment our goal is rather more modest: I want to get AWT's petition into the top 20 and keep it there for the next twelve months. In the short term that means 5,000 signatures."
Fair play to that Simon, highly commendable indeed but I'm afraid that we differ slightly here my friend. I believe that this is the golden opportunity to bring pressure to bear, especially with other things going on at present, in the future etc so I am of the mindset that we promote this petition for all its worth and keep it in the top 5 !

I know that apathy rules this land, especially as far as the majority of licensees are concerned, but the smoking ban has wreaked so much damage-and has the potential to wreak so much more-that it is imperative that all licensees who know that CHOICE is the only answer, let their digits do the talking and sign the petition.

We now know that there are millions of non smokers out there (Simon & myself included) that know the smoking ban is morally, ethically &  financially wrong yet we have a small minority allowed such a large say in the matter. ASH were set up by the 'RCP' in an advisory capacity-for God's sake, they are now virtually dictating health policies to a government too weak to even look into the fantastic claims made by these anti smoking zealots!

Have not the latest figures proved what a complete waste of time and money smoking bans are? Do the latest 'quit' figures from Worcestershire, where it has averaged out that we spent £2,009 per quitter, not show you the vast amounts wasted? With 12million smokers in this country, can we afford £2,009 per quitter?

CHOICE is the only answer and European Air Quality Standards can easily be met. Sign this petition, get friends to sign this petition, and let our MPs take this valuable 'voice of the people' to Parliament for debate. We now have the truth of what lays behind smoking bans - they wish they had truth on their side!
Reminder, petition here! 


Anonymous said...

Doesn't it make sense to sign all the petitions that are relevant to the smoking ban issue? Perhaps you should link to them also.

Anonymous said...

Is this the AWT that put his restaurant business into administration leaving 60 staff jobless and wages unpaid, rather than investing in the company with money he then used to buy two of the properties back? Or could it be the AWT who boasts of cheating on his first two wives? Or maybe the AWT who advised readers of a food magazine to sprinkle Henbane, a toxic plant, in salads? Or the AWT whose Greyhound business was inspected by South Oxfordshire environmental health officers where food hygiene was 'poor' and 'standards generally low'? Or AWT, whose produced a dessert recipe the Food Commission regarded as one of the most unhealthy ever? Or the attention craving AWT who set up the Antony Worrall Thompson Trophy - a 'charity' football cup he gave up on after only one season? Or the one who lost the BBC Great British Menu because he burnt the food? Or is it the AWT that is a patron of Forest, the front for tobacco companies, that wrote his petition for him? Just wondering.

Perryandanolive said...

Nice googling anon, did you do that all by yourself?

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