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Saturday, 13 August 2011

"trackend"-just pondlife really!

Something to chew over as the weekend looms large-the mentality of the screwball anti smoker. Now many will think "ffs! here we go again, Phil's 'avin another rant at the anti brigade", but Phil is not. Phil is isolating a very small portion/section of the anti smoking brigade.
I can understand that non smokers want a pub to themselves that involves only clean air but what I can't understand is why these people never seem to fill a pub as smokers did 'in the good old days' of pub happiness and much banter? It makes no sense to me that all the trumpeting of the needs of non smokers have been carried out by government yet government are losing valuable income hand over fist because of it. I mean, how can a law be a good law when it excludes approximately 25% of the population, costs £253m (last year alone) to further, closes 9,000 business and costs the economy over £500m in revenue? I didn't mention that it has saved a life, 'x' scores of lives, 'x' thousands of lives or even millions of lives simply because it can never be proved that the smoking ban has saved a life-just as it can never be proved that a wisp of SHS actually killed anyone!
I mentioned lives for a reason. We have bred, over the past 5 years a new breed of insidious, hateful people, a vile pondlife of amoebic intelligence-if that. These are products of indoctrination from the likes of anti smoking campaigns who have a manual to cover all eventualities whereby they feel an answer is appropriate. These are people that are so consumed with their hatred of all things tobacco, they scour the web for reports, comments, anything they can respond ('pond-life') to in order to keep their own personal insane sanity alive by 'doing their job'. They have only one goal-the total eradication of tobacco products-which of course will never happen as the global industry that is tobacco employs millions of people!
However, back to my mentions of those of pondlife.
We have a member of freedom2choose by the name of Phil Williams. I have met Phil in his hometown of Norwich and found him to be a most genial host and certainly not some 'fag-hag' as some are wont to describe smokers. Sure, Phil has his opinions, as we all do, for he like many of us is disgusted that a government can see fit to take away people's freedoms, their human rights, civil liberties and property rights.

Phil Williams parody's the smoking Nazis in his Anti Smoking League series of  videos

He is a quiet, dignified man who rightly rails against such dictatorship and a few years ago, through 'his voice' (the camera lens), produced a marvelous short video entitled "PassiveRauchen". The video showed the smoking ban to be exactly what it is-a complete load of bollocks as our two hero's decided to 'knock out' an enemy pill box by s***n gas, sorry SHS. Of course, Phil has made many more video's highlighting the absurdity of the ban but that one always sticks in my mind-bloody brilliant!
Imagine my surprise this morning when I received a copy of this through my email account:-

A fine example of why anti smokers have no place in civilised society.
I [Phil Williams] just received this charming comment on YouTube...
trackend has made a comment on Smokers die younger! Than who?:

Please increase your intake of snouts as much as possible 80-90 a day should do the trick so you have fatal a heart attack rather than long lasting emphysema or cancer with all those bottles of oxygen and nursing care and using up inhalers every five paces. that way the rest of us won't have to foot such a big treatment bill & before you say it the amount raised in tax from fags does not even come close to covering the cost of treating smoking related complaints so please die quickly , thanks
Phil, I could not have titled it better my friend! This is a typical 'smoker hater' campaigner, thoroughly educated, to pondlife standards, plucking one of their many hate filled pre-written responses from the handbook of "I hate smokers".
Let us look at the wonderful use of language in this amoebic response from "trackend"-deadend more like! 
 It is a child like plea for a person to smoke themselves to death. One certainly doesn't need to smoke 80-90 fags per day but if one does, that is one's choice to do so. And, note, there is no guarantee that one person smoking 80-90 per days will be any worse off than a 20 per day smoker! 
This 'amoebic pondlife' also wants our Phil to have a massive heart attack and simply die-which, apart from dying in our sleep, I would imagine is the demise most preferable to all of us: smokers & non smokers alike. "trackend" also wants our Phil to avoid costing the NHS any money whatsoever in treating any smoking related illness-irrespective of the fact that he defended our country manually and paid taxes and tax again to do so! I suppose that it has escaped the 'amoebic brained one' that non smokers cost the country more in care costs as they live longer and therefore scrounge more from the state benefit system!
And just to ratify some figures for 'old pondlife' I will reiterate that TT income is circa £11bn, whereas smoking related NHS costs amount to £2.7bn, so I think that 'pondlife' will find that, Phil Willams assistance there is as nice overbalance of circa £8.3bn to the NHS to treat whatever illnesses may befall "trackendpondlife"! And again, a pathetic request to 'die quickly'-well, no one in their right mind requests a long, lingering death in the first place!
Of course what we don't know is whether 'pondlife' is a secret tippler, thus costing the NHS more-as alcohol realated treatments do, or indeed, a bona fide` member of the fatty brigade (no offence intended to any other) for in munching their way through life our larger members of the spicies cost the NHS even more than our tipplers. In fact 'pondlife' our smokers are the cheapest of the 3 apparent deadly sins!
I could add a lot more burt i will save you from boredom, but the point being made is the kind of people this law and way of thinking has brought forth from the bowels of obscurity. "live and let live" no longer seems to be the status quo as people jump on this supposed healthism bandwagon. Blair doesn't care, he's junketing around the world earning £millions, Brown is still trying to defend his indefensible Chancellorship/Leadership and Cameron is fighting for his political life amid riots of open scorn & discontent as our 'broken society' proves beyond doubt that it is smashed beyond all recognition.
We have bred pondlife such as "trackend" by allowing our society to be over-run by so called 'do-gooders'. on the back of the 'do-gooders' comes the likes of Arnott, Duffy, Dockrell, leaches feeding off the taxpayers to destroy taxpayers pleasures. it is these people that sit and plot the destruction of smokers and ultimately our financial wellbeing. They were only ever set up to advise and monitor but they have wormed their way in so far that they are now governing policies and they are producing legions of pondlife such as dead end "trackend"!
The sooner government see and actually realise that ASH, CRUK et al are the instigators of pondlife inc; the sooner their funding be cut and we get back to normal where people are free to enjoy their pleasures and free to die as they wish too! Due to the immense traffic pollution we endure, people such as pondlife may also be granted a lengthy expiration through 'emphysema or cancer with all those bottles of oxygen and nursing care and using up inhalers every five paces'. Who knows?
In order to give people the choice they richly deserve, please don't forget to sign this government e-petition: -


Anonymous said...

An interesting insight into the mentality of the anti-smoker. In fairness such bigotry is not confined to anti-smokers, those clambering up onto the anti alcohol and anti obesity band waggons suffer the same malady.

It is fair to say that the anti- smoker is a distinct animal seperate from the non-smoker who tends to be far more reasonable, far more tolerent (which in and of itself deserves mention and indeed commendation) than the anti-smokers who speak on their behalf.

Such bullying is equally commenplace on the newspaper forums, Phil Williams is not an Isolated case, they can be found on many forums, and range from the I wish you would die and and the unpleasant implication that SIDs parents kill their offspring (Cited by ASH and certain RT.Hon. Members of the House of Commons) down to the childish cry of you stink. To the RT.Hon. Members I say this, there is nothing Right nor Honourable in deliberately causing such pain to grieving families

If the anti- smoking lobby have to resort to such statements then their case must be incredibly weak and the foundations of the Health Act 2005/6 even weaker.

I have seen comments written by non smokers, both in support of the ban and against it and there is one common trait among them they are open to reason, they understand that the law is fundimentally wrong, most do not enjoy the division that the smoking ban has brought about, the time has come for the tolerent non smoker to say enough is enough, these anti-smokers do not speak for me, not in my name, not today- not ever.

nisakiman said...

It's an unfortunate fact of life that there are quite a few deeply unpleasant people like your Crackend.

He must be a thoroughly unhappy chappie, filled with hate and bile as he is. I can't imagine how awful it must be to go through life like that.

Still, no doubt the self-induced stress levels he suffers will lead to an early release from his misery.

Pat Nurse MA said...

Shame the Govt backs those weirdos

I think we need an E petition calling on public health minister Anne Milton to resign as she is not impartial and suffers from the same kind of Smokerphobia as Trackend.

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