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Friday, 12 August 2011

The ambivalence of smokers

Why are between 12 and 14 million smokers in this country so ambivalent about their treatment for enjoying that legal product tobacco?

How come a new e-petition, in a matter of days, can accumulate 100,000 signatures without really trying?

An e-petition calling for rioters to lose their benefits has hit 100,000 signatures and become the first to be considered for a Commons debate.
It has dwarfed others on the government website, which has struggled to deal with the volume of people accessing it.
The petition has now been formally referred to a committee which will decide whether to hold a debate.
And yet the petition to "Amend the smoking ban" can only muster a paltry 145???

Should we give up now and keep our tails between our legs like shivvering whippets I wonder.

Update: I've just checked the British Bullshit Corporation and can't find any petition with 100, 000 petitioners on it but did find "Convicted London rioters should loose all benefits." with 144,464 petitioners on it. Is this another case of journo's not checking their facts nor their figures. Nothing new there then..

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Pat Nurse MA said...

Smokers I talk to on the streets are with us but they don't know how to fight or what to do and as we are not professional campaigners, all we can do is advise them to seek comfort and like-minded company on the blogs and hope some will gbet involved from there.

The other problem is the variety of smokers out there. Some are social puffers who don't have a cultural attachment to smoking and are too embarrassed to say it matters that much, others are guilty smokers - too terrified of upsetting their families or employers to stick their heads above the parapet - and then there is the tiny unrecognised minority of smokers who are lifelong, cultural and dedicated. We are the ones who will be forced eventually into criminalisation because of Govt backed smokerphobia in its quest to eradicate tobacco and boost the funds of Big Pharma.

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