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Saturday, 20 August 2011

F2C August Newsletter - August 2011

Chairman's Message

Dick Puddlecote, f2c members, blogosphere anti bansters and local business people all met at the Vaults Bar (Bull Hotel) Stony Stratford to voice their utter contempt for Councillor Bartlett's proposal that the town create a by-law to be smoke free.

Press reports say as many as 200 hardy souls braved the atrocious weather to make their feeling known and local businessman David Odell was one of many speakers to address the assembled, who included many locals who were already fired up about the issue.

Tuesday night's council meeting was moved to the local church, such was the turnout, and out of 150 people present only two raised their hands in support of Cllr Bartlett's proposal - with Cllr Bartlett being one of them!

Much media interest has been created by this protest* and even ASH made comment..."Stony Stratford smoking ban: Town council rejects Bartlett's proposals - for now"... Note those last two words!          
Phil Johnson

Image copyright: DWGH
*The following articles provide a comprehensive round-up of fact and opinion:

AboutMyArea reports: 29th June; 30th June; 1st July; 8th July; 11th July; 17th July; 18th July; 19th July; 20th July.

Opinion pieces:
Zoe Williams: Is this the Britain of Victor Meldrew or Withnail and I?
Nigel Farage: The Stony Standoff: Liberty in a Small Town
Simon Clark:  Paul Bartlett: is this man a halfwit?
Bryony Gordon: The tiny town that refused to give in to a fresh-air fascist.

More stories in this months newsletter can be found here.

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