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Monday, 15 February 2010

Uncommonly common sense!

New Zealand, that bastion of of truth and integrity towards smokers and all things tobacco, has a Prime Minister that uncommonly rails against the healthist nuts. What has he said that so upsets the “give me the money” anti smoking quango’s?
A proposal to ban smoking at beaches and other public places doesn't have the support of Prime Minister John Key, who thinks it is too "nanny state".
OMFG! A prime mentalist that wants to loosen his grip on Joe Public? Off with his head! Wait, surely his detractors are thinking of the chiiiiiiildren… surely?
“The Auckland Regional Public Health Service last week said it would urge tougher measures in a submission to the Maori affairs select committee's inquiry into the tobacco industry and the effects of tobacco use on Maori.”
Oh no, not those drunken, brain addled, not fit for purpose Maoris, who lived off the land eons before us Europeans made them see the error of their wicked ways? Surely not. Those that must be obeyed would not resort to racism to bolster our  primal instincts that have been long buried, instincts like ‘you are not of my kith and kin so therefore you must be an enemy that I have to hang by the thumbnails.’
Mr Key told Breakfast on TV One that he personally disliked smoking.
"I've never smoked anything in my life and I don't like smoking," he said.
However, stopping people smoking in areas such as beaches seemed extreme. "I think it's a big step to do that, I really do. I think there are certain places where it might make more sense, maybe a park where there's kids."
Oh chit, should have guessed that ‘saving the chiiiildren’ would have been involved.
Now look, if I went to the beach I would not like to see lots of ciggy butts…or fish and chip cartons, or takeaway curry cartons, or soiled nappies ffs, it should be a matter of common decency to not be a prick and clean up after you have enjoyed the delights of the British New Zealand seaside.
“He said in large spaces like beaches it would be hard to demonstrate harm.”
No shit Sherlock, it has never been demonstrated that in confined spaces, say like a pub, or even your own home that SHS is going to make you drop down stone cold dead, but that doesn’t stop the ‘healthists’ saying so.
And the final word goes to this thinking politburo ‘man of the people,’
A politicians life is a drag
"I don't want to get into a nanny state where I am telling people absolutely how they run their lives in every form."
The ban on over the counter sales of pseudoephedrine was different and served New Zealand's interests, he said.
But banning smoking would not work any better than prohibition had stopped people drinking alcohol.
Banning alcohol eh, could never happen again, surely not?


handymanphil said...

Perhaps we ought to pass Mr Key's telephone number onto a certain Mr Burnham in the House of Baboons!

TheBigYin said...

Perhaps Phil, not that it will do any good, (sorry to be so cynical) but when politicians follow their party line rather than thier dislike of someone that differes from their own view, then will I listen, won't say I'll agree, but I'll listen.

I wont disagree with most people that want harmony but I will dissagree with those that are full of hate, hate for something that they dislike. There is no room in my mind for intollerance of my fellow human beings.

Treat me as I would like to be treated, that's all I ask, is that too much?

I do not elect my politicians to pander to my predudices but I do elect them for the common good, which is, these days, a bit simplistic.

I am trying not to say that politicians are out for themselves, not the people that put an x against their name.

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