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Wednesday, 3 February 2010

Mental imbalances and anti-smokers

Via the Ashtray Blog, comes more evidence of the psychological problems regularly exhibited by anti-smokers.

New Zealand tobacco control zealots, Quit, responded to the news that a respected researcher had deemed e-cigs perfectly safe, with the type of dreary and irrational reaction that we have come to expect from their limp, risk-terrified, and doom-laden colleagues worldwide.

"The strength of e-cigarettes is that they provide nicotine without the thousands of damaging chemicals found in cigarettes and tobacco, which is certainly a good thing," said a spokesman.

"Our concern is that, at face value, they appear to reinforce the behaviour of having a cigarette. It's reinforcing the wrong habit and potentially without addressing the addiction.

"We need to de-normalise smoking and e-cigarettes seem to role-model the wrong behaviour."

In New Zealand, e-cigs have been deemed harmful to no-one, are no threat to Quit's aspiration of living for a thousand years, don't make them have to wash their clothes more than once a month and don't force them to wash their hair like everyone else.

In short, there is absolutely nothing which could possibly make it any of Quit's business to intervene, but intervene they still do.

You see, it's still a bit like smoking ... and they just hate the fact that anyone is doing something that they don't personally like. Especially if they enjoy it.

Instead of lecturing governments, these bodies should be on a couch explaining their thoughts to a shrink. They need help.


Anonymous said...

In other words, we need to denormalise independent and self-chosen, individualistic smokers and smoking; and in it's place, normalise the highly promoted, highly advertised, group-think idea of taking pills, taking injections, wearing patches, etc. in order to further promote this idea of everyone being hooked on dangerous and dubiously "necessary" pharmaceutical products and concoctions of every varied shape, size and reputed "requirement" for our "good health". Only then will the world be willing to accept the new anti-christ of pharmacology and all the wonders it hopes to unleash on us, including the 50-some required vaccinations beginning at birth, the mind altering anti-depressants required at middle-age and eventually the euthanasia causing pills to be provided by old age. Lovely. I now understand where anti-smoking is coming from.

Dick Puddlecote said...

You appear to understand them very well, Anon. ;-)

TheBigYin said...

Anti-smokers are just mere human beings that don't like people smoking in their presence Anon and I, as a smoker can understand this, so I wouldn't smoke in their presence.

Organisations like ASH and pharmaceutical companies have a hidden agenda however to denormalise smokers in order to sell their particuliar wares, just follow the money.

Denormalisation of a certain section of society is nothing new, we are seeing it now with Muslims and their faith because of a minority that takes a more punitive stance.

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