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Tuesday, 9 February 2010

Iron men? Do me a favour

Those Aussies have been teasing us for years about our weakness in comparison to their machismo. They're all Crocodile Dundee types, we're just whinging poms who couldn't win an arm wrestle with their Sheilas, apparently.

It appears it was all a sham. There is no bravery in upside down land, merely bravado.

These days they're just a bunch of Walter the Softys who run for their fragile lives at sight of a wisp of smoke in an open street.

Frankston City Council is preparing to impose blanket bans along three busy open-air shopping strips, including opposite the train station.

Lighting up in the designated exclusion zones during the planned six-month trial could cost defiant smokers fines up to $110.

An Australian male, pictured yesterday

It takes a Brit in their bubble-wrapped country to rail against such laughable bansturbation (a great article, but if you're Australian, don't read it as the language will shock your sensitive soul).

No wonder the poor weak things went home without The Ashes this summer ... they were no doubt terrified the urn might spill and harm them, as well as messing up the crease in their jeans.


TheBigYin said...

Struth mate, your being a bit hard on our pussy, er, aussy cousins! I mean ffs, they brave the cancerous sunshine to have a barbie, now that's hard (braving the barbie I meen, not the sunshine, or do I!) No wonder us poms can't wait to get home to old Blighty into the safety net of the healthists.

Anonymous said...

$110 is a bargain compared to San Francisco, CA, USA, which has big signs in most outdoor public areas stating outdoor smoking is banned and is a $500 fine.

This year that is being extended to within 25 feet outdoors surrounding all buildings and banned outdoors anywhere near bars, coffee houses and restaurants.

The SF Chronicle paper already put two huge shiny brass plaques bolted to the front of their building, to proudly announce smoking is banned anywhere within 25 feet of their building, soon with a $500 fine to go with it.

All the employees must sneak out back in the alleyway when it's time for a break and hide from the Hitlerians who have traditionally run the Chronicle.

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