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Wednesday, 24 February 2010

Anti-smokers plumb new depths-smokers are paedophiles


The anti-smoking Taliban have excelled themselves in France by equating smokers with child abuse. This is the most disgusting assault on smokers ever devised to date. Words fail me.

The picture and more debate on this comes from Taking Liberties and Chris Snowden has more to say on the subject.

I’m gobsmacked!


Anonymous said...

It is disgusting and it really makes you wonder what goes through the minds of those who come up with such vile thoughts or connections!!

Anonymous said...

It's Pornograhy for Prigs !

timbone said...

That is a very good point Mandy

Anonymous said...

Are these ads illustrative of the underlying subconscious thought processes going through the likes of Banzhaf, Glantz and others associated with ASH and anti-smoking? And what does that say about politicians who pal around and kow-tow to them - do they harbor these visions too? This is really trying to push the level of hatred to an all-time high, by association. It's sick - and children will see this ad too. What will go through their minds, seeing simulated fellatio acts being performed by children? Perhaps David Icke was right in calling them all reptilians who sexually abuse children - maybe that's who is funding the anti-smokers all along, for purposes of dividing and conquering, in order to consolidate their one world government at some not so far off future point. The ads disgust me, to my stomach.

Anonymous said...

Looking at was has been happening in Western politics in the last 13 years.
Apart from the reptilians Im beginning to think David Icke is spot on the money.
Their does seem to be a lot of establishment figures who get implicated in accusations of paedophilia.
Very rarely gets in the main stream press though.

BTS said...

You'd think that they'd employed Chris Morris for this one..;score

I think the episode is still on YouTube here:

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