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Friday, 5 February 2010

St Gillian of Merron

Described (underneath) by a local resident well known to many and this governments latest virus on smokers, Gillian Merron MP has hit the headlines again - but not in the manner she would prefer!

Beautifully described as "a pontificating, sanctimonious windbag who is always in our local paper telling what to eat and drink, it would be a joy to shove a lit cigarette up each nostril." I assume that 'the shoving' would be lit end first? Well, it wouldn't be much fun otherwise would it!

This doyen of the Health Ministry who is already constructing the 3 year smoke ban review at a cost of nearly £1,000,000 of our money has hit the headlines of her local Lincolnshire rag by defrauding the taxpayers (all of us mind!) of the princely amount of £6,305 in the furtherance of her lifestyle - this being for mortgage interest payments on her second home!

Bloody hell, I can only just afford the repayments on the one and only humble 'handyman abode'! And I don't even get any lavish expenses.

It seems that although Merron can dictate to the masses about where they can smoke, when they can smoke, even if they can smoke at all it seems she cannot control her own financial affairs - especially if it comes to ripping off the taxpayers! Make no mistake this is fraud, just as the smokeban is a fraud but on neither count will any of these government puppets be prosecuted. Why? you tell me. It seems they can march on doing whatever they like impervious to the laws of this land.

We now know that the smokeban was implemented on the back of lies, fabrications, manipulated statistics & junk science and believe me when I state that Merron will ensure the same garbage is produced for the review (even though she won't be on the leading side of the House at the time). Whatever is produced on her behalf will be trotted out as gospel to the ever eager anti tobacco earwigs but surely this repayment of £6,305 destroys her credibility to pass judgement on others for Sir Thomas Legg has passed the severest judgement on her - FRAUDSTER!

The question is of course, just how many other fraudsters are we up against in our crusade for freedom of choice?


Anonymous said...

So kind of this site to remind one of that
sulking sad sowette of the flatlands,Gillian
Merron.The suggestion of two fags up her sniffer would hardly deter this paltry little
Blair Babe,remember these gargoylettes are not
the product of normal natural relationships.
Their obedience to depraved masters overides
their sense of decency and accountability,
their contempt for their constituents so obvious. She just needs reminding,some of us
will not forget her ,her name has been ticked

Another Diaspora

Anonymous said...

Nice to see one of the "new puritan" brigade, dishing out her holier-than-thou vindictive agenda, how many more thieving arseholes voted to "denormalise" those that pay their fu**ing wages.

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