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Sunday, 28 February 2010

Nick Hogan video pulled by Facebook-WTF?

Yesterday I posted a video called Smokeing Ban Heros on Facebook, a video that was on Youtube for a couple of years but Facebook saw fit to pull it after a couple of hours? In the light of Nick Hogan's jail sentence for being an outspoken critic of the Smoking Ban Experiment I ask, is this justice?

I take you (unashamedly) to Chris Snowdens blog, who is more erudite than moi (me.)

here's the video again:

We smokers will NOT  be cowed!

Justice? What justice?


Anonymous said...

Remember this my dear Internet fans, if and
when the Web atarts to have influence that
is when it will get the big KO, All the shouting,protesting,blogging ,campaigning,
silenced by one click on the DELETE button,
for our protection of course.

Wakey, Wakey, its not to late

Styx Ferry, still a penny (single only)

Pat Nurse said...

I've blogged it, thanks BigYin. And I've become a Facebook "fan" of The Labour Party - and guess what video I posted up...? I also posted up Phil's excellent letter to Gordon Brown. Ho-hum-all good fun. You should join in. I haven't been deleted off the page yet.

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