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Sunday, 25 April 2010

He hates me, he hates me not, he hates me?

A personal view by TheBigYin

Brown urges party to 'fight for fairness' (except for smokers!)

 All the things you do, all the things you say, I'll we'll be watching you!

Yeah, that'll do it, you bastard, you and my your party fucked lied to me us smokers voters. To Brown and my now ex labour party I say this...I BLOODY HATE YOU, you, the Labour party, hate me, and my 12 + million voting pals so I have ceased to listen to you, all of you lying cheating bastards. I will be conned by liars and cheats now and again but even I can see that this is one lie to bloody often!

I cried through the lean years after every General Election, yearning for a Labour victory after 1979, even after the [Labour] disasters that had went before. In 1997 I finally was relieved that the Tory era was over but little did I know what was to replace it!

At first, in 2006, I still thought you would not go through with it, I thought that you were a caring party that was for the working class and working class ethics, and fucking wrong were we was I? 

In this video, you said:

The Labour party is the greatest force for fairness this country has ever seen?

Then you said:

Our country has been moving forward for the past few years, the Cancer guarantee, the fox hunting ban, smokefree public places and xxx.
No, I am no fan of killing animals for fun but I do think there could have been a compromise between Labour and the hunting fraternity as could have been between smokers, pubs, clubs and  businesses that should have business rights, a thing that Labour seems to frown upon, rights! Anybodies rights! You [the Labour party] trample over rights with an armoured tank.

Smoker, hunter, gatherer, you are being watched!
I would not, and will not try and influence anyones vote, not even my wife's vote. To me your vote is sacrosanct!

You all know by now, by previous posts, where my vote is going. And if my favoured party is not standing then, rather than vote for the LibLabCon or an independant that is whole heartidly agains the smoking ban, amongst other things, then I WILL vote for BNP, and I do believe they are standing in this area. It is not my favoured choice but, as I said, if my back is up against the wall...

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