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Wednesday, 21 April 2010

Who will speak up for me?

Yesterday a man spoke up for me on a radio program in Scotland, that man was Eddie Douthwaite, Chairman of Freedom2Choose (Scotland.)

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Eddie Douthwaite on Radio Leith FM


Captain Ranty said...

Well done Eddie!

It is a pure pleasure to hear someone so knowledgeable speak so eloquently, and calmly, on a subject that usually attracts the ignorant and the hysterical.

Fantastic job!


Eddie Douthwaite said...

Thanks for recording the programme Big Yin.

Just one point, I am the CHAIRMAN of Freedom To Choose (Scotland)!!!

I'll let you off this time.

All the best.


TheBigYin said...

Oops Eddie. Corrected.

Eddie Douthwaite said...

Hi Captain Ranty,

Thanks for your comments, much appreciated.

Feel free to use the radio interview on your blog.

The TRUTH will triumph!!

All the best


laura said...


agree with captain ranty, very eloquent and well researched.

well done

Eddie Douthwaite said...

Thanks Laura,

It is always nice to know that hard work and honesty is appreciated, a lesson that politicians should take to heart.


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