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Tuesday, 6 April 2010

Smokers, it’s time to say ENOUGH IS ENOUGH!

We have a choice, as smokers. We can sit back and accept pariah status and complain about it or we can start to do something about it. We can come up with schemes, drop them and say 'Oh, it won't work, we're all doomed' and wait until the smoke inspectors enter our homes and we have CCTV in the garden –Leg-iron-

Leg-iron, of underdogs bite upwards fame, has had enough, enough of being treated as a second class citizen and has started a fightback that all self respecting smokers should get behind 1000%!

As I write this watching the news on TV Gordon Brown is on his way to see the queen to dissolve parliament as he sets the date for the next general election, which will be on May the 6th 2010. The in-fighting between the three major parties will start in earnest as soon as Gordoom returns from seeing our monarch. The three main parties will, without any shadow of a doubt, court all major minority groups to elicit votes. However, the largest minority will be forgotten, the only minority, in excess of 15-25 million, that has state sponsored terrorism levied against them, SMOKERS. Every other group or minority have the protection of the law against victimisation except smokers, who bring into the exchequer in excess of £10 billion. Not one of the LabLibCon will try and court the smokers on the theme of amending or repealing the smoking ban. It’s time smokers started their own campaign.

On that theme here is Leg-iron’s campaign on behalf of the smoker and as I said, if you smoke and you have any self respect left then join him and spread the word.


See that? You can't smoke in it. It has no intact windows, no electricity, partial floors and holes in the roof. If you smoke in it, you will be fined and so will whoever owns it. They'll be fined for allowing you to smoke in there even though they had no idea you were in there. Ignorance of the presence of a smoker is no excuse. The law is clear - if you own it, you are responsible for making sure nobody smokes in it.

To many of the rabid antismoker, that law makes perfect sense. These are the same people who consider smokers as unthinking, weak, inferior beasts. The same ones who are terrified of amounts of tobacco smoke so small, they are undetectable even to a sniffer dog. Those are the enemy, and they have waged war on smokers for years.

To date, we have responded with 'Okay, let them have a non-smoking carriage' and they took the whole train. We responded with 'Okay, we'll have smoking and non-smoking areas, and even whole non-smoking pubs' and they took every public space for themselves. They have now moved on to smoke-free outdoor areas starting, as always, with 'the cheeldren'. Banning smoking in play areas - no problem, few were smoking in there anyway - then extending the ban to entire parks and soon all outdoor areas where the feeble lungs of a non-smoker might collapse if they so much as see a pack of cigarettes on display.

Now they are coming to your house.

We smokers have attempted compromise at every turn. We have not demanded all the pubs back, we have asked for some. We have asked for private smoker's clubs, staffed by smokers, but have been refused. The ban is total. No compromise at all. And we are called 'selfish'.

We are also called many other names, any of which, if applied to one of the government's pet groups, would get the name-caller arrested. We smokers are expected to shut up and get out of the way because we are inferior.

I say 'enough'.

The antismoker don't want any form of compromise at all.

Okay, that's how they want it. We will not compromise. We must now demand every pub, every restaurant, every bus and every train, every last space available as a smoking area. The application of a 'No Smoking' sign in any premises must be treated as if it was a 'No Jews' sign.

If you are so scared of a little tube of paper filled with leaves, stay at home. Stay out of sight. Go outside if you want fresh air. Don't like it? Tough. We didn't like it either but nobody in government will listen to us and nobody is willing to allow us any space at all. Not even in our own homes.

We have weapons. We have second hand and third hand smoke, and now we have the Smoker Breath of Death. Yes, the idiots believe it. All we have to do is exhale at them and we don't even have to be smoking. Make use of those weapons, don't be shy, you and I know they are totally harmless but our enemy believes in them.


Leg-iron even has his own posters. If you want to find out more and join in then visit here and read more.





Also read Frank Davis’s A Plague on Them All.

Smokers of the world unite.


JJ said...

I've said this many times in the past...until there is a landmark court case that punches a hole in this crap, then it will simply continue.

There must be someone with deep pockets who can find a bright legal team surely.

Anonymous said...

Let us be totally honest and crystal clear about the vast majority of the 50,000+ publicans
and 10 Millon + smokers.
Pathetic parish pump cowards which is why politicians and the Zealots
hold them in such contempt.
A mighty flock of whimpering sheep
with just the odd Judas Goat muttering the occasional pleasant

Thick Twist

timbone said...

I notice Cameron says something about the cons being the 'party for the ignored'. HA!! ignored? Us millions of smokers have not been able to get a smidgeon of attention from anyone.

Anonymous said...

Anonymous is correct. We are all parish pump cowards. The hunting ban will be overturned in a few months - not because of persuasive argument, but because the hunters had on their side a brave young man of independent means who, together with his friends, humiliated the Security Services. I'm not advocating violent protest but a bit of legal non-cooperation would go a long way. A sure way of getting the ban amended would be be the setting up of perfectly legal smoke extraction research projects to demonstrate the efficiency of modern extraction units. A fund of donations would take care of any fines imposed due to these premises being wrongly categorised as illegal smoking clubs. £10 each from 10,000 people or £50 each from 2,000 should be sufficient.

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