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Monday, 12 April 2010

Their lies will not go unchallenged

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And TICAP will challenge them.



Uncle Marvo said...

Never heard of him, but I like him already!

TheBigYin said...


See also:

Anonymous said...

Anyone had a look at Iain Dale's
tiresome ramblings this morning ?
Waffles through 27 broken promises
from Labours 2005 manifesto,but
somehow managed to avoid a mention of the Partial/total smoking ban.
This BBC sponsored pink parakeet is
just another velvet fascist lingering in a state funded closet.
The Gay B&B issue soon sorted out
who blows his trumpet and obtains his media profile.
If he is a sample of the "Libertarian" league no wonder
the man in the street aint listening.

Street Level

TheBigYin said...

Anon I've been trying to write a blog piece about the B&B fiasco for the past week or so but put it down as I don't want to offend the gay maffia who walk the corridors of power, whither elected or not. The 'pink pound' they reckon gives to the exchequer 6 billion and tobacco taxes give 10 billion but who gets lauded most?

No less than three prime time british soaps are featuring homosexuals kissing on our screens pre watershed but woe betide if there are scenes of people 'sexing up' smoking. We are being slowly indoctrinated into suspending our long held beliefs by the few.

Uncle Marvo said...


Do you want to give it to me to post?

I'd love to offend the gay mafia.

TheBigYin said...

I kept deleting the buggers Uncle Marvo but I've still got a copy of a sneaky underhand recording with Grayling. His words were then splattered all over the news and Iain Dale took up the cudgel for gay rights.

Leg-iron done a better hatchet job than I could ever do so I kept putting it down but may come back to it just in time for the election.

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