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Thursday, 8 April 2010

Your having a laugh, right?

Glaxo Thinks Bogart Would Have Been Cooler if He Smoked a Plastic Tampon Instead of Cigarettes.

Some people believe that smoking cessation products such as Pfizer (PFE)’s Chantix or GlaxoSmithkline (GSK)’s Nicorette are a scam designed to fill drug company coffers with cash because quitting cold turkey is more effective and cheaper.

Those folks will get a little more ammo for their theory from a new Nicorette commercial in the U.K. which recreates smoking scenes from classic movies but replaces the cigarettes with the Nicorette “inhalator.”


Yeah, that looks very cool!


Anonymous said...

Heard on the Grapevine that they

have also developed an NRT



Chris said...

How fukin stupid does that ad look. It's like it was made by children and of course it does not advertise smoking at all, does it? What a load of wankers. They can advertise an oral plastic tampon as smoking, but a legitimate tobacco company cannot advertise a genuine and LEGAL product. It just proves that the world is run by corrupt bigots and fukin idiots. Oh well, so long as smokers are still acknowledged (even stupidly) then all is well. (sorry I just cannot stop laughing at these morons).

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