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Sunday, 9 October 2011


ASH UK have teamed up with an organisation called FairPensions to lambaste councils that invested in 'un-ethical' companies, and, surprise, surprise, they have tobacco companies firmly in their sights. 'Doctors' are right behind ASH and their affiliates and they are "shocked" by the revelation that some councils invest in companies that are yielding high dividends for their pension fund:

"I am shocked by the size and extent of south-west local government pension investments in the tobacco industry and I am sure many of those contributing to the funds, as well as those receiving local government pensions, will be as well", said Dr Gabriel Scally, the NHS regional director of public health for the south-west.
Yup, deprive council workers of a decent pension, workers who would kill to have a GP's pension, a gold plated pension that ordinary people in the real world can only dream about.

Of course the good doctor Gabriel Scully has no ulterior motive for his outburst and is only thinking of one's health, isn't he?

"The tobacco industry is destructive, dishonest and deceitful. We need to put them out of business, not invest our hard-earned money in them."
There speaks a truthful anti smoker, his only goal in life is to put a legitimate business out, business and throw thousands upon thousands of people out of work, people who would not be able to contribute to their pensions because of his hatred of something millions enjoy in this country.

Anyway, back to ASH who have gone all ethical on us poor unsuspecting smokers and blind non smokers alike. ASH USA are so devious righteous that they have moved into the home of the smoking American, and published a blueprint on how to take their children away from them if they smoke or come within an inch of a tobbacco substance:

This page tells nonsmokers how to deal with problems of custody and smoking, and specifically how to protect your child from the deadly dangers of secondhand tobacco smoke by raising smoking as in issue in a custody dispute and/or post-custody-determination hearing.
 Now I am not saying that ASH (UK) has the same philosophy as those nutters at ASH USA run by that notorious ambulance chaseing lawer John Banshaf the 'turd' but they have a shared agenda:

Sound familiar? Now that ASH and the FairPensions, (does that sound like an oxymoron to you?) have teamed up I am begining to wonder about the much bandied about word ETHICS.

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Angry Exile said...

E-cigarettes are only an issue for the bansturbators because their friends don't get anything out of it. You can bet that if Big Pharma had thought of vaping first far from talk of banning the things every other doctor would be spruiking them as the next tool in the nicotine replacement therapy box (never vaped myself but I imagine it's got to be better than chewing foul tasting gum and walking around with a fucking post it note stuck to your arm).

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