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Friday, 21 October 2011

Freedom of Choice–In or Out. Nothing else will do!

Freedom of choice is the very essence of democracy, yet on Monday our soon to be despised leader David Cameron will lead us into further economical deprivation with the proposed vote on Europe.

We applaud the likes of Stewart Jackson, MP for Peterborough and Parliamentary Private Secretary to Northern Ireland Owen Paterson who said:
“Some things are more important than party preferment. The bond of trust with my ­constituents, the views of people who have had no say on our European ­policy in any substantive sense for more than 30 years... I think I owe it to them to give them that say.”
Stewart is absolutely correct, for each individual has the the right of the freedom2choose for him/herself.

Governments are elected to serve the people that elected them yet we have already seen Cameron sidestep thousands of supporters of the referendum campaign group the People’s Pledge who had planned to join a mass lobby of Parliament next Thursday, the original day of the vote. The People’s Pledge yesterday confirmed their lobby would now take place on Monday from 2.30pm outside the House of Commons. Insiders said up to 15 frontbenchers were ready to resign their posts and vote for the motion proposing the first national poll on Britain’s relationship with Brussels since the 1975 Common Market referendum.

We say these MPs are absolutely correct to stand up for their constituents, why should the British people be part of something that is clearly NOT working simply because another man (Cameron) mistakenly/foolishly believes it is? In reality the European Union is exactly the same as the Titanic-and look where that is now!

Write to your MP today, use your freedom2choose for yourself-this country needs a referendum...NOW!

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handymanphil said...

Yet again we have people living in an elite world deciding what we want. Why are they so afraid of letting us decide?
I think the answer is fairly clear.....don't YOU?

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