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Thursday, 9 December 2010

Petition from Save Our Pubs & Clubs

Sign the petition against more EC regulations!
The smokers’ lobby group Forest, a leading member of the Save Our Pubs & Clubs coalition, has launched an online petition against new proposals to regulate tobacco throughout the European Union.

The Morning Advertiser reports that proposed changes to the European Commission’s Tobacco Products Directive include a ban on the display of tobacco products, the introduction of plain packaging, the enlargement of picture warnings on packs and the prohibition of all types of smokeless tobacco products.

“We support measures that educate children and adults about the health risks of smoking, but we oppose unnecessarily restrictive regulations that are designed to denormalise a legal product and will threaten jobs and small businesses and inconvenience millions of law-abiding citizens throughout Europe,” said Forest director Simon Clark.

“We urge everyone who opposes these proposals to sign the online petition that will be submitted to the EC as part of the consultation. It is essential that we make our voices heard in Brussels as well as in Westminster.”

Clark, who is also director of the Save Our Pubs & Clubs campaign, added, "Although the consultation is about tobaco products, it is all part of the war on tobacco. If we can influence this battle it will put us in a stronger position to address the issue of smoking in pubs and clubs."

Signatories to the petition will be delivered by Forest to the European Commission in Brussels on 17 December. To sign it visit
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