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Wednesday, 15 December 2010

I didnn't realise what was happening!

I was just merely getting on with my life in my own way until the moral majority decided that I was declared persona non grata! I was deemed  a non person, someone that has a lifestyle (smoking a fag is a lifestyle?) that someone else does not agree with, which I have heard most of my life but it never came to a head until recent years when it was declared open season on smokers..then all hell let loose!  WTF have I done wrong? Am I black? Am I a Jew? Am I a homosexual? Ok, maybe not a Fauxmily but it is appropriate in this instance.
Now I am an outcast because of my ‘lifestyle’ as a smoker. I am deemed not worthy of sitting alongside  my fellow human beings that do not smoke, whether they object or not, because the law lies lays in the pretence of the non-smoking friends of mine, the pretence that my smoking, and to be particular, the Second Hand Smoke that I give out, is lethal to the point of death!
Would I do that to my beloved friends and family? No! Why?? Because I know that SHS is nothing more than an irritant to the non smoker.
Now I’m no scientific genius, just a smoker who knows a con when I hear it and am appalled at the suggestion that I am killing all around me by my ‘lifestyle.’
I want the smoking ban in the hospitality industry REPEALED…but I am told that that is unrealistic, I am told that the general public love the ban, I am told many things by many ‘informed’ people with vested interests what is good for me and I am also told that the DEBATE is over, period!
It doesn’t matter what ‘lifestyle’ choice I partake of, having an enjoyable puff on a cigarette/pipe/cigars/shish pipe or imbibe the new taboo, alcohol, or like a burger now and again and even like a shake of salt on my food there is a fascist out there who has the ear of government and the government listens without question because they are concerned about us dying without reason, the same government that sends our sons and daughters to their deaths on a whim and expect us to accept the same old drone that the DEBATE is over, period!
Well the debate is far from over, no matter your hatred of  that debate.
Below is an edited version of such a debate about the smoking ban here in the UK and the recent rolling back of the ban in the Netherlands. Listen to Wiel Maessen’s common sense approach to anti business, anti smoking nannyists with an axe to grind who are terminally offended at the drop of a hat.
Listen at the absurdity of the Dutch passing a swinging smoking ban whilst  trying to hang on to it’s liberal attitude about smoking pot, a thing I have never done in my life but will not condemn anyone that does so. Nor will I condemn someone that eats at McDonalds or drinks too much wine!
Listen also to one of my hero’s in the anti smoking debate, Nick Hogan, who ran a successful hospitality empire in the North West, and note the word HOSPITALITY, business and suffered the consequences of defying the ban by a) losing his business and b) losing his health!

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Dick Puddlecote said...

Thanks for recording that, TBY. I was filling up with nice, clean diesel when Nick Hogan was speaking this morning, so missed that bit.

Angry Exile said...

Not much of a pub-goer but she wants it her way all the time, just in case she deigns to grace a pub somewhere with her presence. Do you know, I don't go to watch soccer matches because I don't like it, but fuck it, I'm going to start demanding that they start playing only rugby there in case I do want to take in a game.

Stupid bitch.

TheBigYin said...

It was a strange day yesterday DP when I was trying to put this together and because of interuptions I made a few typing errors which I have now edited out. I am no wordsmith at the best of times but some things get you so riled that you just have to say something.

This woman got me riled, big style. You, on your blog, found a photo of Cecillia Farron, which I trawled the net for and never found...thank god, she looks like a witch, which is an insult to witches.

Angry Exile, I live next to a football stadium, Middlesbrough's Riverside stadium, but am not a footy fan (except when Scotland play our old enemy, England)and think it is a blot on the landscape but to see the joy on the faces of fans as they trot into that den of eniquity is something to behold...when they trot out after a game is another matter entirely.

What is it about other peoples enjoyment that so riles some people?

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