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Sunday, 5 December 2010

New Voice, new times

For a long time now, yours truly has been voicing opinions on tne radio on a saturday, then a sunday night. Of course the ridiculous nature of the smoking ban and all the pain and misery it has caused is the subject.

Councillor Pat Carney has been invited onto the show as have representatives of ASH but, it seems, they do not wish to debate anything with me, Paul Ripley (the presenter) or anyone else for that matter! What a shame, for month after month we show up the absurdity of the ban.

I am handing over 'the reins' to my friend and colleague Dave Atherton as I think people are probably tiring of my voice and thoughts, therefore a fresh voice is needed and Dave is just the man for the job.

So folks, if you all listen in about 10.10pm tonight you will hear Dave's debut at:

Dave is very knowledgeable and very much into statistical figures that supposedly represent this, that and the other so it should be interesting.

Don't forget that Paul welcomes phone calls to the show, it all boosts ratings!

I'll be listening in-will you?

You can listen here or go straight to the radio website at:

1 comment:

Xopher said...

The debate is over!!
Ok, you weren't involved and we did it all in our own non-smoking club BUT IT IS OVER.
You smokers must realize that you are pawns of Big Tobacco. We gain nothing from our 'rightness'but we are in charge.
OK, I've got a degree in something or other and will suck up to anyone willing to pay my wages knowing all stats are the creation YouGov run by that wonderful Mr Kellner' and all science owes it's validity to our funders and their peer reviewing pals.
To be truthful, I may not actually sell my mother but in a few years I should be able to get out of Britain 'cos it's going to be crap and controlled by righteous folk who claim to know what's best for me.

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