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Wednesday, 13 October 2010

Smokers are destroying the planet ... apparently

I suppose it was only a matter of time before smokers were accused of threatening mankind itself.

Cigarettes: A Secondary Cause Of Global Warming

Cigarettes produce two gases, methane and carbon dioxide, which are responsible for global warming through green house effect.

Smoking produces two green house gasses that are altering our atmosphere and are directly related to climate change; it is just one more challenge for the world to over come.
We can now confidently say that we have heard it all.



Anonymous said...

The biggest threat to this planet is the idiots that think they own it.

Pavlov's Cat said...

Jebus, what a twunt.

Rick S said...

My favourite extract from this piece of prize drivel is "A smoker lacks stamina and can not actively participate in sports."

Which particular smoker are they talking about? I can think of plenty of smokers who have reached the very top of the tree in their particular field of sporting endeavour.

Leg-iron said...

Methane is combustible. It is not possible for any burning object to produce methane.

If we take the antismoker argument that smokers have knackered lungs, then we inhale (and therefore exhale) less than nonsmokers.

In which case, the tiny amount of CO2 produced by a cigarette is as nothing compared to the whacking amounts belted out by fit and healthy non-smokers. The exhalations of the smoker are so small as to be insignificant.

Unless we don't have knackered lungs. Which is not a scenario an antismoker can accept.

Therefore, antismokers produce more CO2 than smokers. Get out of that one.

Oh, and anyone religiously eating their five-a-day produces more methane than the pie and chips brigade.

Facts are fun.

JJ said...

Leg Iron's common sense

Just where would we be without bloggers - eh? Thanks Leg Iron for your common sense points. I didn't stop to think about the methane crap. You've given me amunition to use against such ludricous nonsense.

Timdog said...

Methane?? Bwahahahahahahaha. Maybe tobacco companies have come over to ASH's way of thinking and are inserting small methane capsules into their fags, so smokers blow themselves up as they light up.

People are so stupid.

Leg-Iron has as usual got their first and said it better.

cartermagna said...

Smokers responsible for global warming? Wow. Just, wow.

I don't smoke any more, almost a year now in fact, but I'm not a fan of smoker bashing. I spotted this really, really strange thing on my local rag's website today, about tramps, with crowbars, stealing fag ends from lamppost mounted ashtrays... I've blogged about it here.

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