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Sunday, 24 October 2010

Play it again Sam

By Guest writer, John Watson.

This short clip from the film Casablanca has attained over the years an iconic status, it stands in tribute to a very small minority of exceptionally brave  French men and women  many of whom perished or suffered severe treatment at the hands of what is considered to be one of the most vicious occupations by a foreign power in history.

Today a similar war is taking place, there are no armies, no occupational forces, there are not yet any mysterious camps, people have not yet disappeared from our streets, yet the perpetrators of this war are every bit as evil, every bit as capable of the style of oppression that the men in black, or those who wore the long black leather  coats were perpetrating when Casablanca was made.

As it was then, it is now that a small resolute band of people are fighting for the cause of freedom, they are not fighting against an army, but the same ideology that the Marquis, those mostly amateur freedom loving individuals who so selflessly put their country and their countrymen above all else fought, this ideology that permit’s a minority to be victimised, that is being wielded by some politicians, by some charities and even some from that bastion of caring for ones fellow man, the medical profession just as it was in the days that Casablanca portrayed.

The homage that Hollywood paid to  the French Resistance in those far off dark days finds renewed purpose, it pays as much homage to those who distribute leaflets, go online to protest at the loss of our heritage, for every pub that dies a little of our heritage dies with it, with some of those cast onto benefits goes partners and children which defeats the mantra of its “for the children”  every time the ersatz science is trotted out in defence of these ideological monsters it helps destroy the credibility of genuine scientists, it destroys faith in our doctors some  of whom have so little compassion for their patients that they even imply that a small minority of parents actively harm their offspring  and that is after a coroner states that there is no explainable cause of death  their cause is so weak that they have to resort to kicking grieving parents who have just lost their child!

I hope that you will watch this clip, that those who smoke those who enjoy food, or alcohol take heart for the spirit portrayed by the Marquis here lives on in those fighting for freedom no matter what the cause, for those in the anti-smoking lobby, to those who believe they can emulate the apparent victory of the Health Nazis I say take note, the spirit of the Marquis was never broken, no amount of brutality physical or mental defeated them, neither will it defeat true believers in freedom, history bears this this out, today you have your ban, today your quasi National Socialism rules, but what of tomorrow, the next day or the days, months or years to follow?


Spartan said...

Smoking Hot wrote a similar piece but added the Vichy Regime which l thought was very relevant. Our own citizens and neighbours are against us smokers in the same way.

Thanks JW ... good post.

SH's piece :-

Frank Davis said...

Well said, Mr Watson. Every word is true.

Anonymous said...

There are no Right Wing Parties
or organizations anywhere in the World which support TOTAL BANS.

All Left wing /Liberal parties
and lobbyists do.

All funding and pressure for bans come from left/liberal leaning
Institutes and Corporations.
And some of us know why
If it needs the rise of some ultra
right populist leader to pulverise
the cancer of socialism (and
remove all BANS), I'lle have some
of that anytime.

New Rome

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