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Monday, 11 October 2010

The gain in Spain

Entertainment news.

The director of biopic Mr Nice has revealed several scenes had to be faked due to the UK's strict smoking laws.

Mr Nice tells the story of the rise of drug smuggler Howard Marks (played by Rhys Ifans) and his eventual imprisonment in the US in 1988.

"In Wales, where we shot half the film, it is illegal to smoke a cigarette on a movie set," said director Bernard Rose.

"So in Wales we had very elaborate special effects devices to simulate smoking, I kid you not!"
Hey! We believe you, Bernard. Crackers, isn't it?

He added: "All the smoking close-ups we shot in Spain, where it's perfectly legal."
And I'm sure Spanish businesses were happy for the boosted income in these hard times.

Money that Welsh people are crying out for.

Well done, Welsh Assembly.


Smoking Hot said...

They should've faked Wales :)

Leg-iron said...

When Prawn Curry succeed in banning smoking throughout all of Wales, that'll be the end of filming there and the end of the tourist industry. Not just for smokers but for any group that includes one or more smokers.

There's nothing else left, except rain and sheep.

Aberystwyth council once tried to pass a byelaw stating that nobody could buy a house there unless they'd been resident for two years. Not in Wales. In Aberystwyth.

Locals thought this was great, it'll keep out those nasty English who are buying holiday homes and paying high prices.

Then it dawned on them. What if they want to sell their house? With such a limited customer base they'd be selling for pennies.

So it didn't happen. However, don't imagine for a moment that the crazed nationalists will spot the flaw in their antismoking agenda -

When the designated smoking area is over the border, why not just move the entire holiday there?

banned said...

I thought that actors were allowed to smoke in theatres and suchlike if the scene required it for verisimilitude? Clearly I was wrong.

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Anonymous said...

So Wales must be different to England in this respect. Plenty of genuine smoking in New Tricks and Inspector Gently. For Mad Men they smoke herbal cigarettes, which I think is classed as smoking in all of the UK.

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