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Thursday, 16 September 2010

We are not going away anytime soon!

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As a follow on to yesterday’s post the Chairman of Freedom To Choose (Phil Johnson) has been talking on radio Northampton about the upcoming meeting on Monday the 20th September, 2010 starting at 11am at the Kingsley Park WMC, Northampton.

You can listen to his full interview here:

I was pointed, by chas from the F2C forum, to this interview on the Tony Livesey show dated Monday the 13th of September 2010. Chas is a hate figure to the anti smoker and a regular contributor to the F2C forum.

Listen to Sean Gabb, Director, of the Libertarian Alliance as he crosses swords with Barbara, director of the heart research charity, Heart Research UK. (What, another heart charity?)

Barbara reminds me of another woman who professes to be on the side of the sick who are hospitalised, remember Jane DeVille anyone?

Yes, smokers are the new abusers of hospital staff these days?!?


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Anonymous said...

I heard the programme. Gabb put on a tremendous performance. Tony Livesey is very good at chairing debates. Unlike his predecessor Richard Bacon, he does reveal his opinions about smoking. I suspect he was once a smoker.

Anonymous said...

Well done that man! How refreshing to hear someone sticking up for smokers so assertively. I hope Sean Gabb is asked for his opinion more often.


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