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Saturday, 4 September 2010

In the eye of the Tube you get EyeTube

EyeTube Logo 2

GrumpyOldTwat,who you either hate, love or loath, but you can never ignore, has been the instigator and founder member of EyeTube, along with the All Seeing Eye.

If you find your video is banned on the commercially  [and politically] owned ShitTube because you speak your mind then EyeTube is the place for you. If you are banned from ShitTube because of manufactured intolerance to free speech then EyeTube is the place for you. EyeTube is a  revelation to freedom fighters the world over.

Upload your movies and songs to EyeTube and tell ShitTube to "F*** off, I’ll tell MY story, whether you like it or not!"

So if you want to be subservient and listen to propaganda then this site is not for you!

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