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Friday, 14 May 2010

Whoever said smoking isn’t sexy?

Please visit The Art of Smoking to see more of these gloriously sexy pics.



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JJ said...

Your true lies link on Dick Puddlecote's blog doesn't work.

Anonymous said...

I'm simply aghast with horror, confused beyond comprehension.

Photo #6 illustrates someone obviously made to appear sexy smoking a cigarette in front of a no-smoking sign, which is clearly an affront to the law of the land.

Isn't this an unspeakable abomination that is apt to demonize the authority of government to dictate its much needed controls and bode badly on the sake of our children, and their children, for centuries to come?

It reminds me of old stories I've heard tale from back in the 1910's and 1920's when they'd talk of someone, usually a lady, "daring" to light up and smoke "in public" where she could be seen.

Scandalous, shocking - and how history doesn't repeat itself every 100 years, or so it seems.

Nice set of photos. Very well done.

Now what if EVERYONE began to smoke, in public, right in front of and underneath all those glorious no-smoking signs dotting the landscape in all directions.

At what point would "authority" simply collapse upon itself - and that would be the end of the smoking-ban experiment at the turn of this century, much as it was tried 100 years earlier - same thing, same daring in public against it, same results - failure and into the dustbins, until the next century mark rolls around in 2100.

TheBigYin said...

Thanks JJ, will get on it as soon as.

TheBigYin said...

Sorry again JJ, but the True Lies piece I am doing had frames in it and when I, using Windows live writer, published it, twice, it did not show. When I published it using Blogger the frames were 'cut off' on the right hand side so I pulled the lot. So I guess it did show up on other peoples blogroll etc but I'd cancelled it. Sorry for the inconvenience.

What am I like eh.

TheBigYin said...

Anon, your post reminds me of the kerfuffle about cars, the selling of them and using sexy women who draped their bodies over them at launches etc. The feminists were up in arms about it and, I'm sure, although I don't really know, that this type of thing is...err..emm...BANNED!

Now I have to declare an interest here, I love looking at great looking women, no matter how old they are but their draping over cars doesn't make me want to go out and rape the nearest woman because I saw an advert. Nor does it make me rush out and buy the car they are draped over, I just couldn't afford it for a start. But they must use such ploys for a reason. I would be interested in the females perspective here.

Can I also add that I had some difficulty on that site to find men smokers that looked as sexy as the female smokers. Does sex [of the female verity] really sell?

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