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Monday 14 December 2009

Why are we not surprised?

From the Telegraph.

Health Department spends £2,500 on Christmas tree

The department, headed by Andy Burnham, the Health Secretary, spent £2,485 on an 18ft 'dressed tree' for its Skipton House headquarters, where 950 of its staff work in Southwark, South London.

It spent a further £750 on three small trees at Richmond House, in Whitehall, to replace a larger tree that fell into disrepair, taking the total spent on trees to more than £3,200.

Not too surprising considering the Department of Health is so awash with money they are struggling to find ways to spend it.

This is where I'd normally tell you about the multi-tens-of-millions pound spend on anti-smoking adverts, but it seems the link has disappeared. I'm sure that the government-funded National Social Marketing Centre, whose paymasters partners include the Department of Health, have a perfectly reasonable explanation for that.

For the record, it's £43m per year.


Unknown said...

And what do smokers get for Christmas? Pneumonia I expect, oh, and no sympathy. How come when a government department, or MP for that matter, buys things that the ordinary public do but cost around three times more? No wonder this country is bankrupt and ripe for a takeover.

Anonymous said...

Maybe that's why Liar Donaldson is getting out :-)

Anonymous said...

"No sweetie, no Christmas tree for you this year I'm afraid. We'll instead have to pluck a fallen semi-decayed branch off the ground from outdoors and stand it in the corner draping some cat hair for tinsel. All our tax money I'm afraid was spent on the glorious trees down at the local health charities for the employed anti-smokers and well-to-do's Christmas trees instead."

"What's that dear, now don't cry. I'm certain by your 6th birthday time come the new year NHS will have figured out additional ways to waste more money spending on anti-smoking adverts on the tellie and fighting the obesity epidemic, banning crisps, that sort of thing. You won't be too left out as your state-sponsored indoctrination at school begins soon."

"Don't worry sweetheart, mommie will try very hard by then to have dodged all the smoke-police and avoid being nabbed for my outdoor smoking crimes to have saved enough money to buy you a soda pop, if that's not been banned of course by NHS."

"Maybe I will take you to the library and you can get another of those Dicken's stories you seem to like hearing me read to you as of late and we'll do that for Christmas instead this year."

banned said...

"The NSMC has a growing number of core staff..." That's the first thing you see on their website. The most important thing that we should know.
How very comforting.

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