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Saturday, 10 December 2011

Tales from the anti smokers darkside

Obesity “epidemic” blamed on smokers giving up their enjoyment of tobacco only to fuel obesity in the US. The stigmatisation of smokers works apparently and it’s use is advocated towards other ‘lifestyle choices’ that don’t fit in with political dogma:
The latest report card on Americans’ health says that for every person who quit smoking in 2011, another person became obese. The country showed no improvement in overall health in 2011, despite modest decreases in smoking and preventable hospitalizations. These improvements were overwhelmed by major increases in obesity and diabetes. Clearly, America has an issue with food. But if this country’s anti-smoking efforts have taught us anything, it’s that awareness, policy and social stigmas can come together to influence health habits in powerful ways—and ones which America’s food and fitness advocates can emulate.
That often used phrase by bloggers “first they came for the smokers…” does not seem so trite now, does it, but will those that are next in the firing line of healthist jihadism listen when they are vilified by politicians and the MSM alike?

Often noted by esteemed bloggers like Dick Puddlecote and Chris Snowdon, who know what they are talking about, smoking prevalence has been declining for the past 50 years:
Smoking and exposure to secondhand smoke are still thought to be the leading cause of preventable death and disease in the U.S. But our nation’s smoking rates have been declining gradually for roughly the past half a century (though the rate of decline has begun to slow recently). As of 2010, about 19% of the American adult population smoked, and only 8.3% were considered heavy smokers. In 1964, when the government released its first report on adult smoking in America, the rate at 42%.
So smoking prevalence in the US has slowed recently? I wonder why. Maybe the denormalisation of smokers is the answer, in fact I am sure it is, forbidden fruit and all that.

Meanwhile Maryland has it’s lowest smoking rates for a long long while but are they satisfied? Ask the money chasing American Lung Association:
Maryland is among the worst states in the country to get public help to quit smoking, according a report released yesterday.
The American Lung Association ranked Maryland as tied for the third-worst state for smoking cessation efforts. The report took into account whether states require private and public insurers to cover quit-smoking aids, as well as how much the states spend on initiatives to curb smoking.
"There is absolutely no excuse for these states' tragic failure to help (their) … smokers quit," Dennis Alexander, regional executive director of the American Lung Association in Maryland, said in a statement. "It's urgent Maryland policymakers step up and provide access to quit-smoking treatments and services that will save lives and money."
Where anti smoking hysteria is concerned you can do no better than follow the money gravy train which is drying up of late. And as we all should know by now lower smoking rates is not good enough for the righteous who hide their real goal behind the flimsy facade of altruism:
"It's not enough," said David Snyder, chairman of the leadership council for ALA in Maryland. "What would be enough is if we see that 15 percent we've got in Maryland go to 10, and then 5, and then to zero. … Every person that's addicted to nicotine and smokes runs the risk of getting heart disease, lung disease and other complications."
If David Snyder put as much effort into Maryland’s crime culture as he does smoking maybe I could applaud him, Maryland is not a save place to live in.
Texas smoking students are revolting, no, really, they are revolting:
The UC Davis pepper spray incident aside, today’s college students appear too distracted to mount memorable protests against the status quo. How can you work up a nice head of righteous indignation while your attention is being pulled every which way by iPhones, iPads, iPods, and Adderall pills from your little brother’s prescription stash? Recent reports of UNT students handing out free cigarettes to protest a campus-wide ban on smoking aren’t likely to revive a ‘60s-style spirit of liberation, either.
Although the pro-smoking UNT protesters won’t win this one, their little demonstration – especially the “eff you” it offers to America’s health puritans – warms my heart. I’m not a tobacco user, so I have nothing to lose in the crusade against smoking. But I do know two things: 1) Life is full of complicated personal decisions about risk vs. benefit, and 2) Death is coming for you too, Mr. and Ms. Snotty Anti-Smoking Advocate. I also suspect that scientific studies about second hand smoke have been fudged to promote the anti-smoking cause. So fire up a coffin nail for me, UNT tobacco rebels.
And here are the ‘revolting’ students. Just listen to the brainwashed anti smokers who study at the University of North Texas, oh, and please feel free to ignore the advert in this video for burgers full of Mayonnaise and dripping with fatty juices…loverly.

View more videos at:

Listen up you lovers of food, you lovers of fine could will be you next!

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Angry Exile said...

That often used phrase by bloggers “first they came for the smokers…” does not seem so trite now, does it, but will those that are next in the firing line of healthist jihadism listen when they are vilified by politicians and the MSM alike?

Answer: no, or at least too few and too late. Alcohol health warnings are already here, small and subtle though they may be. And this week in Oz the decision was made to make them bigger, mandatory and on the front of the damn bottle. It'll be a warning about drinking while preggers, but it won't stop there, will it? "Then they came for the drinkers..." indeed!

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