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Thursday, 23 June 2011


Yup, the one thing us unintelligent smokers didn’t have a clue about was that the graphic pictures on tobacco products were fake, pictures that tobacco companies are forced to print or face punitive fines if they refuse.

Of course we have had these pictures here in the UK for some time now but the US of A will be ‘nudged’ into quitting when faced with similar pics from next year. But the American smoker has one small advantage, one of the Washington Times' columnists, Charles Hurt,  has spoken to a reliable source at the Department of Health and Human Services, and been told that the sordid pictures are fakes. In the words of Charles Hurt:
For decades, the federal government has accused tobacco companies of running a campaign of relentless deception in order to sell cigarettes and convince customers that their product will make you sexy, skinny, cool or whatever.
On Tuesday, the government unveiled its latest salvo in its campaign against these companies…
…One warning shows a cadaver lying on a steel table, chest zipped closed by giant staples…
…Another, a pair of nastily corroded lungs.
In one startling image, a man is puffing on a cigarette with wisps of smoke escaping a tracheotomy hole in the center of his throat.
Smoking through pregnancy
The contact at the Department of Health and Human Services admitted:
The dead man with the zipped-up chest? “It’s not a dead body,” the spokesman assured me. “It’s an actor. It’s supposed to be a cadaver after an autopsy.”
The man with the wispy smoke coming out of the hole in his throat? “That’s a Photoshopped illustration.”

The baby in an incubator is a creepy drawing.
There will be nine pictures in all, all of them doctored to attempt to frighten the public into submission and quit smoking, and as we know here in the UK it works, doesn’t it? We know that the Tobacco Control part of the government would never stoop to doctoring pictures like the Americans, it’s just not British.

Other US fake pictures on packs include:



SHS and non smokers

Hat Tip to Jredheadgirl via Lawson Narse on Facebook.


Anonymous said...

Is that a fag in the fingers of the "corpse" in a suit? :)

Has anyone yet admitted that the UK images are faked?


TheBigYin said...

I doubt that the tobacco haters in government would admit they ARE fake Jay. It is obvious to me that they are though. The Americans prolly got got some tips from the UK gov.

Leg-iron said...

The UK photos -

The black lung is, and always has been, a coal miner's lung after a lifetime of coal dust inhalation. If real smoker lungs looked like that we'd never hear stories of nonsmokers wailing that they'd had a smoker's lung grafted in.

They need fear not, they won't get mine. I plan to be stuffed full of baccy and cremated.

The rotten teeth - methamphetamine abuse. Nothing to do with tobacco.

The old hands are just... old hands. They don't even have nicotine stains on the fingers.

The corpse is an actor.

The list of deadly chemicals are the same chemicals found in any burning plant material. In very tiny amounts. Unless it's burning petrol/diesel in which case they're more concentrated, but that's okay because that's government approved toxicity. You're allowed to die from that.

As for 'smoking damages sperm' and 'smoking causes impotence', take a look around the sink estates. There should be no children there at all.

It's all nonsense and the gullible suckers in government believe every word.

I wonder how much I should charge them for these bottles of snake oil?

Cures everything except stupid, for which there is no cure.

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