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Saturday, 2 April 2011

Philip Morris grows a pair…

…and the anti smoking fraternity in Australia don’t like it, not one little bit.
BIG Tobacco is trying to turn smokers into a political force with an under-the-radar campaign encouraging protests against high taxes and bans on smoking in public.
How are they gonna do that then?
The I Deserve to Be Heard campaign involves slipping small cards into cigarette packets directing smokers to a website headlined: “It’s time to tell the government you’ve had enough”. 
I’ll bet the Australian government’s health department, one of the most virulent anti smoking/smoker government departments  ever conceived, does not like that?
The federal government says it will fight the industry’s campaign “tooth and nail”, with a spokeswoman for the Health Minister describing it as “an example of how low Big Tobacco is prepared to go to peddle their killer products.”
Now that’s rich. How low have governments and anti smoking lobbies stooped in their rush to denormalise the smoker and make their enjoyment of tobacco products as arduous and downright dangerous to health?

Talking about anti smoking groups like ASH et al, what do they have to say on the matter?
 Anti-smoking lobby groups are shocked at the new tactic. “Cheeky buggers,” was the reaction of one advocate when told about the campaign.
How very restrained eh.

Dick Puddlecote knows that the UK is in a pissing contest with the rest of the world, especially Australia, to hide tobacco products under the counter and introduce plain packaging of those products.

Are big tobacco different from any other legitimate producer when selling their legal products? Do they not have the right to defend their legitimate product in a climate of hostility by scaremongers and downright liars?
Smokers have been hit with two significant increases in taxes over the past 12 months and the list of places where chuffing in public is allowed is shrinking every year as state government extend smoking bans.

Lighting up is banned across Australia in pubs, clubs, restaurants and workplaces, and many councils have banned, or plan to ban smoking on beaches, pedestrian strips and parks.
Retailers are also angry at new laws which force them to hide cigarettes behind bland plastic casing, another in a series of restrictions on display advertising for tobacco products.
The rush by governments and anti smoker groups to denormalise us to the point of violence is palpable:
Unfortunately, this is not an April 1st joke. Years of a taxpayer and pharmaceutical industry funded 'denormalization' campaign against people who smoke has predictably led to worrisome episodes of intolerance. In this case, a doctor seems to have forgotten his Hippocratic oath and faces felony charges for assaulting someone smoking near his car.
I for one welcome this initiative and hope the likes of Philip Morris bring it here to the UK and hopefully shake the smoking enthusiast out of their apathy.

Could BAT grow a pair I wonder?


Smoking Hot said...

Mmmm how refreshing. l love it when all these anti-smoking freaks get their knickers in a twist.

TheBigYin said...

The anti smokers and their government cohorts really beggar belief, don't they SH. They get up to every dirty trick in the book and when they see the tobacco industry fighting a ligitimate campaign against anti tobacco tyranny they wet themselves and cry foul.

They do NOT like it up 'em, do they?

Anonymous said...

If plain packaging comes about, all the colorful packaging should be printed in little cards on the inside of the pack that can be turned around and placed on the exterior of the pack letting the brand name show. Tobacco companies should have been putting placards inside cig packs long ago before things got to this point, but at least they are now going to make up for lost time, one can only hope.

Anonymous said...

Why the hell can't the tobacco industry do that over here? Smokers should have a right to a say on these matters too, believe it or not.

jredheadgirl said...

It's about time!

TheBigYin said...

@anon 07a;22pm I understand your sentiments anon and we, on the F2C talked about this many a time a couple of years ago.

We talked about boxes that you could put your fags in that had brand logos on and not the crease making, made up photos that the tobacco firms are forced by law to put on packets now and I can't remember them kicking up a storm about it at the time.

The beginning of our present day "smoking ban debacle" was started in the USA with the Master Settlement Agreement. When Big Tobacco's Acquiescence reached fever pitch and the anti smoking martyrs had an orgasm.

I am hoping, against all odds, that the tobacco companies will see the writing on the wall as far as the anti smokers and their establishment buddies goels are concerned and they must know that they cannot fight the war without fighting the battles.

Posturing by BT is not good enough for the likes of me, fighting talk and deeds are, I'll except noting else from them.

Still, I see the Australia 'experiment' as a start.

Anon @08:56 pm I am hoping, against all odds again, that the major tobacco manufacturers here will follow PM's lead and stick up for their customers who stick to their brands and do not think of themselves as hopeless addicts but tobacco enthusiasts who are adults that relise that, like alchol, the poison is in the dose. Talking about poisons I have to ask why do they not ban sushi?

Without Philip Morris we unrepentant smokers must keep telling our MP's that we are human beings not to be treated like second class citizens because a few crackpot anti smokers want to make us unclean by their rabid sentiments.

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