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Friday, 1 April 2011

Backfiring Discrimination!

F2C Scotland (H/T Belinda) have beaten me to it but I give you another slant on the smoker discrimination going on over the other side of the water.
"This policy is expected to spread, we are told by 'experts' (John Banzaf leading the field: this is the organisation of which he is chief executive, you can see him give his tuppence worth about a council's anti-smoking policy in Scotland here). We can see how smokers get the short straw: it reflects the power of the enemies of tobacco in the market place".
Now we all know that Banzaf is a raving lunatic of gigantic proportions when it comes to anti tobacco and he has long advocated that smokers should be denied jobs. Well, let's take this a step further and show you where lunatics like this take us.

Let's think to Libya, Egypt Yemen etc for a minute and just look at the carnage over there as Governments, Rulers, Dictators etc are ousted by the people-because the people are not at all happy. Smoking bans have been implemented, not to long ago, in these countries. (H/T Frank Davis)

Consider the implications of said smoking bans to those who live impoverished lives, those who have nothing to start with, those whose only comfort is a fag! What are 'they' denying these people? For many it will seem that they are denying them their very existence; for many, enough is enough!

Back home, here in good old Blighty, we have a different scenarion as, post war, we built up industries that earned people money, some people lots of money! The common factor was possessions, we all accrued more and more possessions which we guard jealously. The first of many Americanisms crept in the back , viz, "keeping up with the Joneses" as people, some unashamedly, tried to outdo each other with the latest gadgetry or apppliance etc. In other words we left our far east counterparts way behind as they had camels and mud huts (whitewashed!) and we had washing machines and cars.

So, rulers and dictators, adhering to the WHO's requirements have banned smoking and caused themselves all manner of problems.

Now let's suppose that we lost our greed factor, our "I'm alright Jack" persona's and thought about this situation properly. "Smokers should not be employed"  screams Banzaf, Ok then, let's not be employed! It's as simple as that folks. The state has to provide the unemployed with the means to survive, albeit meagerly, but to survive. It is their rules we are playing by not ours. In a country of 63 million people where a certain previous government has already bankrupted us AND sold our gold reserves at a bargain basement price it is not going to take the 25% of the population who do smoke to cease work and relax on the dole. I would think that out of 15.5 million smokers less than 25% of that number can bring this country to its knees bigtime! Let's say that 3.5 million no longer work, added to the already fast approaching 3 million already existing on state benefits and I would think you will have to agree with me that this, and any other government, is totally fucked!

You begin to see now people just how fragile a government really is, it relies on people's avarice, people need to own this, that or the other. on the other side of the world they don't have this, that or the other so they don't miss it! We have become too self indulgent, we crave possessions, we love to laud over others, our class society dictates such.

Marching through Buckinghamsire in 1936. (The Jarrow marchers.)

75 years ago the men from Jarrow marched to London (another one is coming soon) in protest at the lack of jobs in the North East. Well wishers helped them along the way with bread & pennies - would the same happen today in our materialistic society? I doubt it, most people would shrug their shoulders and say 'good luck' to them as they plodded through their town or city. But what if the smokers joined this year? The students are unhappy, the jobless in the north east are unhappy again, the jobless in the North West, the South East and the South West are unhappy too as our industries fade away. The smokers all over the country are unhappy too as are all the ex licensees of their labour behind their respective bars, indeed, one licensee suffered the ignominy of HMP bars for his efforts to object!

So folks, are you beginning to see just how fragile this country really is? Do you not see that protest is workable-a silent protest. No need for yawping and bawling like common yobbo's, a peaceful march, gathering momentum on the way to London is the way to capture the MSM's attentions. All disenchanted factions joining together for once and showing these turkeys in power that they do need to listen to the people because with out the people ( I think I mentioned this before)...they are fucked!


Anonymous said...

"Smokers should not be employed", that is the least of it coming from anti-smoking groups these days. How about try, "Smokers should be sent to an early grave by way of forced euthanasia" - and this is literally true, this is the next step they are aiming for.

Robert Johnson Wood Foundation, beneficiary of J&J and GSK pharmaceuticals, the industrial-"charity" arm of the major pharmaceuticals, is heavily, heavily involved in funding anti-smoking fake-charities, the likes of ASH, Banzahaf, Glantz, etal.

George Soros, who was literally a Nazi operator during WWII on the side of Nazi Germany, now a multi-billionaire residing in Europe and meddling with funding of anti-democratic and anti-smoking organizations across Europe, US and South America, has been explicitly involved in funding directly to RJWF, the anti-smoking arm of Big Pharma, for the purposes of making euthanasia common and accepted across the US, then the world.

Here is the link and story that offers further proof that Soros has been giving money to RJWF for the express purpose of normalizing euthanasia, one can only expect that will include euthanasia for smokers in particular, since he is working through RJWF to achieve this goal.

If this isn't his former Nazi philosophies coming forward in time and being enacted in present time, then I don't know what else to call it - other than to say RJWF is currently actively collaborating with and receiving funding from a former active Nazi agent who worked with Hitler during WWII to bring death to America and everywhere else, and gives a strong indication of the source of philsophy from which anti-smoking seems to hail - "Proof Positive" - if you like.


Consider the involvement of George Soros in the Holocaust. That story was far from unknown -- it was first revealed on 60 Minutes in the early 90s. It provided real insight into the character and motivations of one of the more enigmatic and influential figures on the left. And yet Soros was allowed to carry on his various political machinations for nearly twenty years without ever being challenged over it.

If more evidence is needed, what would you say to George Soros, the Sequel? It seems that a man guilty of questionable behavior during WWII, a financial criminal in countries such as France, Singapore, Malaysia, and Thailand, was involved in a ten-year attempt to create a national euthanasia program in the U.S.

In cooperation with the Robert Wood Johnson Foundation, a health-care advocacy group closely linked with Johnson & Johnson, Soros established the Project on Death in America, supposedly embodying the mission of promoting palliative and hospice care.

In prospectus, the project appeared perfectly straightforward. But odd things tend to happen when George Soros is involved. A considerable amount of funding was provided, $48 million from Soros and $148 million from the RWJ Foundation. Grants were made to a number of health-care groups such as the National Hospice and Palliative Care Organization, along with hospitals and individuals, not forgetting artists and photographers.

One of the organizations involved was the Partnership for Caring. Prior to connecting with Soros, it had been known by another name: Choice in Dying. Its agenda was promoting "patient's choice," that is to say, euthanasia, in the U.S. health-care system. (Just to put things in context, this was the same period when Kevorkian was gassing people with impunity in the back of his van.)

(To be continued ...)

Anonymous said...

(Continued ...)

It's hard to say how far this went -- most the Death Project's records are unavailable. But it seems clear that "patient's choice" and the "third path" became familiar topics in health-care establishments taking part in the program. Cases occurred where terminal patients in hospices with weeks to live died within a matter of days. What it came down to was that Soros was promoting euthanasia under the cover of "waking America up" concerning the reality of death.

(The RWJ Foundation also attempted, with evident encouragement from Soros, to influence rewriting of end-of-life regulations to encourage third-path procedures in 23 states though a program of indoctrinating state representatives. )

In 2003, Soros and the RWJ Foundation suddenly dropped the Death Program. No precise reason was ever given beyond a specious claim that the "work was finished." Was the program out of control? Were people starting to balk? (Dr. Foley, for one, was an inveterate enemy of euthanasia.) Were voices of protest getting a little too loud? As with most affairs involving Soros, it's impossible to say for sure.

It seems to me that the fact that one of Obama's chief sponsors was once pushing a national euthanasia program would cause an eyebrow or two to go up, particularly in light of ObamaCare and all its little oddities. But it hasn't happened yet.

(End quotes)

So there you have it. RJWF, heavily benefacted by Big Pharma to stamp out smoking as their exclusive line of work, has in the background been benefacted by an ex-Nazi billionaire to involve themselves with normalizing euthanasia projects in America and then exporting them as normal across the world.

Fine bunch, these anti-smokers are in league with, with direct Nazis from Germany out of WWII, working currently to promote euthansia and forced deaths by withdrawing treatment - the same policy as NHS forbidding treatment of smokers. Sound familiar where that policy came from now, where it is rooted, directly from the Nazis of WWII who are funding RJWF who is funding anti-smoking?

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