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Tuesday, 29 March 2011

E-Cigarette blamed for man's death

What is the future now for the E-Cigarette?
A doctor from Tyneside has called for more research into "electronic" cigarettes following the death of one of his patients.
It comes after an inquest recorded an open verdict into the death of Terence Miller from Gateshead.
 Mr Miller, who used large quantities of the substitutes, had suffered from a lung disease - severe lipoid pneumonia.
It looks like the man in question had a miriad of health problems and I think that anything inhaled would have  severly put him under stress, including exhaust fumes from our roads.

Banning the E-cig can't be very far away. Full story here.


Bucko said...

And so begins the de-normalisation.
I've just bought one of the buggers too. It's really good.
Thought I'd better get one before they do ban them

Anonymous said...

Seems they can't blame this disease on smoking. So, next best thing then...

How convenient.

Dick Puddlecote said...

It would appear there is more to it than the report tells us. Here is a more calm assessment of the nature of e-cigs and why it's highly unlikely that the e-cig was the cause of death.

Another story involving a rabid anti-smoking doctor and the BBC faithfully reporting prejudice as fact.

Unknown said...

There is always more when nicotine and smoking are in the frame DP. Good find.

I heard about this on Look North segment on the BBC this morning but it took me a while to find anything online.

They are always trying to manufacture that link with smoking anything and death.

Unknown said...

Since when does "open verdict" = "it was his electronic ciggie wot dun 'im in"?

Incidentally, googling the good Dr Allcock finds his name at the top of the list for something called the Tobacco Committee on a couple of PDFs from the British Thoracic Society and has been quoted in a story in The Sun about the number of smokers in the North East. I am of course in no way suggesting that he's anything less than completely open minded about the death of his nicotine using patient from a lung illness.

e-cigs benefits said...

I know that electronic cigarettes are much better than real, so I better smoke them!

Anonymous said...

Anonymous said...


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