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Monday, 25 October 2010

Angry? Don’t make me angry, you won’t like me when I’m angry!

Old woman pleading for her life [to the Nazis] but to no avail.
You scrimp and save for your old age, you do without yourself to make sure your children have everything you did not and pass on information that you have stored all your life and impart that information to your children in the hope that they will be better people when they attain adulthood.

Some of us were born in the fifties and knew nothing of what happened just a few short years before. And as we grew up we relied on our elders to educate us with truths, not lies or homilies, just truth as it unfolded to our parents just a few short year before we were born.

We were taught at school that we learn by history and to make sure it never repeats itself. But then that was yesteryear and time dims the memory for some, if not most people.

CALGARY — Friends and family of an 88-year-old Calgary woman say the lifelong smoker is "ashamed and embarrassed" after she was told to find another place to live because her residence has gone smoke-free.
The church (and its priests) is, so historians tell us, a sanctuary, a place where you will not be persecuted and kept away from those that would persecute you…
Philipina Schergevitch, who has smoked for 73 years, has been living at the Francis Klein Centre for a decade.
The centre is run by the Bishop O'Byrne Housing for Seniors Association, which banned smoking in July.
I guess your persecutors come in sheep's clothing. And the old lady’s daughter is angry, very angry:
Schergevitch's daughter, Liz Daniels, said her mother is devastated over the news she has to find a new home by the end of this month as her lease isn't being renewed.
Daniels said her mother is so stressed out, she hasn't yet told her she'll be forced to move.
"Who expects to be evicted at age 88?" Daniels asked.
The association provides affordable housing for people who are functionally independent.
Exactly Liz, I live hundreds of miles away from my mother (a moderate smoker,) in Soviet Scotland, who have a history of persecuting smokers, safe in the knowledge that she is safe and well with a daughter nearby in my absence to look after her wellbeing if my mother needs help, but she does not, she also is an independent pensioner.

How long will her wellbeing last if such a draconian measure against smokers is implemented there? Oh it couldn’t happen here in the UK, could it?

And as ever these Nazi types are NEVER repentant.
Myrt Butler, the association's chief administrative officer, wrote in an email that because of provincial privacy laws, the association couldn't comment on tenants. (ed: It’s not our fault, we are only obeying orders! now where have I heard that before?)
Butler said the association's board of directors voted five years ago to implement a no-smoking policy in all 519 of its Calgary units.
In 2009, residents were given a one-year notice there would be a ban on smoking in suites, effective July 31, 2010, said Butler.
She said short-term leases were signed with smoking tenants so they could either adjust or find alternative housing.
Tenants are allowed to smoke in designated exterior areas, Butler said.
A couple of points here I would like clarifying, or am I missing something?
Butler said the association's board of directors voted five years ago to implement a no-smoking policy in all 519 of its Calgary units.
In 2009, residents were given a one-year notice there would be a ban on smoking in suites, effective July 31, 2010
The old lady in question has been living there since the year 2000, ten years ago, so why does this apply to her?

Tenants are allowed to smoke in designated exterior areas, Butler said.
Remind me again the temperatures in Canada in the depths of winter? Is it also against Canadian law to smoke in what is effectively your own home?

For non smoking pigs only! 
Daniels said her mother has been smoking since she was 15 and has tried to quit, but at age 88, it's hard. She's been smoking in her suite since she moved there in 2000.
"I understand no one likes smoking, but are these people lepers?" said Daniels. "It's not fair. These people have contributed all their lives and now they're treated like this."
You said Liz that “no one likes smoking” but I beg to differ, one quarter of the UK population smoke, most of them like smoking and I will assume that Canada has a similar ratio of smokers to non smokers. But the point is that the Board of Directors running your mothers life home are ANTI SMOKERS and will use draconian Nazi like tactics to make sure she conforms or she WILL suffer the consequences. Anti smokers are in a tiny minority but unfortunately they have the ear of the powerful and have hearts of steel, their cruelty knows no bounds.
Neighbours Joan Poulin and Carol James have appealed to the association to make an exception to the no-smoking policy, because Schergevitch moved into the residence before the ban was imposed.
James, who has lived at the centre for a year, said Schergevitch will have trouble finding a home.
"There's no place for people to go," said James, 66. "These are independent apartments, subsidized for low-income seniors and they have to find something like it, but there's very little out there."
Poulin, 73, has lived at the centre for 10 years. She said Schergevitch is a much-loved friend, and if she leaves, it'll be like losing a family member.
Joan and Carol, you are trying to appeal to hard hearted individuals that are ruled by hatred and have a twisted love of cruelty. They will not listen, they need to be exterminated (metaphorically) until their existence is no more. We have tried appealing to their humanity but they have none. Anti smokers are steeped in the lies and misdirections told by 'esteemed' anti smoking 'scientists', if they didn’t make up the lies themselves, and will not bend one iota and we that fight these lowlifes must also not bend one iota. When these lowlifes see any weakness in us they go for the kill, and take no prisoners.

Don’t forget that the all pervasive, but minute, anti smoker started off by pleading sheepishly for  non smoking sections in public places just a few short year ago and now they smell blood. Now where are we? Oh yes…

By law there is no smoking in pubs and clubs or bingo halls. there is no smoking in some parks and children's playgrounds. aeroplanes, trains and now they want a ban on smoking in automobiles. Hey, I’m sure you can add some more areas were you are persecuted for your choice of relaxation. And don't forget they are calling for a smoking ban in your own home...They won't let up, and nor should we.

Don’t ever think the anti smoker is finished until they have reached their goal. They are never finished until they get to the final solution. And that day is not to far off…unless we fight back, it will be bloody but we MUST fight back. The outlook doesn’t bear thinking about if we don’t.

You can find out more about a campaign for Philipina at Freedom2Choose’s (Scotland), or The Smoking Doctor’s blogs.


Some commentators may ask “why is he blogging after he said he wouldn’t?” Well I did say in that post that I should “never say never again” and, apart from copying and pasting others words, I have never had the time to research or sit at my comp for any length of time because of my circumstances which keeps me away from my beloved internet and computer. But this story hit me with a “G” ten force.

You see I live in a high rise block where, many years ago, I/we were asked if it was ok to go ‘warden controlled.’ I/we agreed. Now there seems to be a certain degree of control seeping in. Every six months or so the warden comes to every flat (there is ninety of them) and has a ‘form’ to fill in from his paymasters, the council. Oh it is dressed up with concern. It asks if we have any special needs and it will cater for them, which, I must say it does, but alarm bells started ringing when one of the questions was “do you or your partner smoke?” You see it’s health and safety and fires and all??? Yeah right. There’s never been a fire in these flats since they were built in 1968!

So I can see what is happening to Philipina Schergevitch will eventually happen to us here at BigYin towers.

Update: This is the lady concerned with the post above.


Amusing Bunni said...

This is yet another maddening event from the intolerent jerks who run governments. Poor older woman, can't even have a bit of comfort in her old age.
I am mad about this too, BigYin, and a host of other things. I hope she ends up somewhere even nicer.
Have a good week, if we can avoid reading all the horrible news that gets worse by the minute.

jredheadgirl said...


Anonymous said...

'They are never finished until they get to the final solution.'

I think that I have heard that phrase before somewhere ??

Anonymous said...

I am afraid that she's not the first nor will she be the last in Canada to have this and even worse fate. I am not one to use foul language or lose my temper very often, but situations like this make me lose it: the anti-smokers here in Canada are heartless pigs that deserve nothing but contempt!

Read more about the fate of old people in Canada here:

And this is only what we heard in the media. Since this article was posted in CAGE, a distant relative of mine had the same fate slipping down the icy stairs of his retirement home to go for a smoke! Died. If only one relative would have the guts to press charges against the anti-tobacco faction and public health for criminal negligence. They all seem to shrug it off in a ''there's not much we can do'' attitude!

There was one pro-choice activist in Ontario (may he rest in peace) who would regularly visit an old age home in his area and has seen old and frail people helping each other outdoors to smoke. He has seen more than one getting injured, slipping in the snow or ice. You see in Ontario the anti-tobacco inhuman barbarian legislation stipulates that personnel of old age homes don't have to help anyone out if they don't want to, as a matter of fact I believe that the law expressly forbids it, but don't quote me on it as I could never verify it myself. My friend activist offered to help these people to fight for their right to have a designated smoking room, they all refused. Too afraid of the consequences of their defiance!

You may want to read the saga of our old veterans in Ottawa, who after a long struggle were finally able to get a designated smoking room which is legal but so damn expensive that no old age home wants to invest in it. It was thanks to a journalist who heard of the plight and initiated a campaign for the public to pay for the room that finally got them one. But they have been warned that it will be phased out in a few years. Enough to make you sick to the stomach! Our pleas and cries (I even wrote as far up as Amnesty International 3 times but they didn't even have the decency to acknowledge receipt) fell into deaf ears. But there is only so much one can do unless these people or their relatives want to pursue it furhter. And none have come forward to do it so far!

and here:

And you may want to be further disgusted with our ''civilized'' country by reading this:

Dying smoker left out in the cold

Thanks for caring. Maybe international public opinion will make a dent in their cold selfish hearts!

Iro Cyr

Johnny S said...

Being evicted at her age will most probably kill her within the year.


Anonymous said...

Dear Mr Yin

Make 1 July National Smoking Day


WV: flamingu

Anonymous said...

There is no excuse for this whatsoever, its completely despicable.

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