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Saturday, 7 January 2012

We happy breed. We who enjoy smoking are on our own!

There's nobody to defend smokers but themselves!

What a bunch of lilly livered bastards the tobacco companies are!!!

You faithfully buy and enjoy their products year in, year out. But when it comes to you being treated as a second class citizen because you do enjoy their product or when it comes to you being treated as a pervert for wanting to see the legal pornography goods being sold on the shelves so you can make an informed choice before buying that legal product, who cares? Certainly not Big Tobacco. Any company that is facing mind numbing legislation on the back of fear and intimidation doled out by their opposition who have powerful lobbying agents at the heart of government would, surely, fight for their customers rights and their very own livelihood? Not the leading big tobacco firms for sure. What do they do when faced with a tobacco display ban? Give up, that's what they do:
The Government will no longer face a legal challenge from four tobacco firms over its plans to ban tobacco displays from English shops, ministers have revealed.
The planned challenge has now been withdrawn by Imperial Tobacco, Japan Tobacco, British American Tobacco and Philip Morris, the Government confirmed.
 For anyone that has been asleep for the past few years here is some catchup news:
The Coalition Government plans to prevent tobacco displays from appearing in large shops and supermarkets from this April with the help of a new law. The ban will apply to other tobacco sellers from April 2015.
And of course the Tobacco Control elites are brimming with confidence now that the big four tobacco companies, Imperial Tobacco, Japan Tobacco, British American Tobacco and Philip Morris International   shat all over their loyal customers and turned tail and ran like cowards and ashamed smokers like Nick Clegg and David Cameron.
Commenting on the withdrawal, public health minister Anne Milton said: "Removing tobacco displays from shops will help to stop young people from starting smoking and help smokers that want to quit. Withdrawing this legal challenge is a victory for public health."
No Milton, you sorry excuse for a conservative politician with a small 'c', the prevalence of the youth taking up smoking will not diminish and neither will smokers give up because of the ludicrous ban on displays designed to show off each companies product for ADULTS to make a choice! Smoking prevalence was on a downward spiral long before the draconian smoking ban came into being on the 1st of July 2007, now where is it at?

 And they are moving on to the next 'logical' step:
"The Government will soon be consulting on putting cigarettes in plain packaging so that all tobacco products look alike, with no distinctive branding and with large picture health warnings. The tobacco industry will be making similar claims that the policy is illegal, but we expect that these claims will come to nothing as well."
It shames me to say you are right. WTF is happening in this once proud country?

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