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Monday, 16 January 2012

'Be Jaysus, they've got it'!

 Another bar gone, it's enought to drive you to drink!
A report has been published today, online. showing that Ireland is losing a substantial number of drinking venues; ten percent actually-since 2007. Now being Ireland there would have to be a good reason for all these closures and the 'Drink Driving Laws' have been cited as the main cause! Yep, you read that right my friends, it the combination of the drinking and the transportation to & from said watering hole that is the main cause. Amazing!

A junior minister has weighed into the argument stating that tourism is being affected by all this and says that the government need to do something to avert a tourism disaster: hilarious.

Meanwhile, Padraig Cribben, president of the Vintners Federation of Ireland, said lifestyle changes and other factors were to blame. Hmmm, let me see now. The only lifestyle change that has been effected is the smoking ban, but more people smoke now than before the ban, so how the hell.....?

Of course, silly me, more people are smoking but they can't smoke in the pubs & bars anymore in case bar staff drop like flies from the deadliest form of gas known to man SARIN GAS, oops, sorry, SHS!

He also blames cheap supermarket beers, just as the same pathetic people do in England, but they fail to see that had smoking indoors NOT been banned in the first place the supermarkets would not be profiting from the pubs miseries!

He also said that 7,000 jobs were lost last year with the severe prospect of another 4,000 this year, which is not good news - especially for a country that was 'force voted' into the EUSSR Titanic and was given 1st place in the race for EU bail-out funds. Quite simply their economy cannot withstand a continuous rise in unemployment - but that's what they are seeing. The best of it is that they cannot see what is happening under the guidance of their EU masters who are destroying the very economy they are trying to set up; they might as well call it the 'eurodolemoney' because the smoking bans will slowly but surely strangle most economies, except of course the Netherlands who have shown absolute common sense and saved their nation!

"The Government needs to sit up and take stock of what is happening here. We are a major asset to this economy and all we are looking for is a level playing field," Mr Cribben added.

'Be Jaysus, they've got it'!

1 comment:

Twenty_Rothmans said...

Good riddance.

They were in the vanguard of the smoking ban, now they can enjoy the consequences.

Most landlords were completely gutless. They didn't organise petitions, they didn't revolt. Now they're broke.

Of course, I'd be heartbroken if old O'Reilly, deprived of the bonhomie of his now-closed local, went straight home and vented his spleen on his wife and family. When he cannot even afford a drink, I wonder what his mood will be.

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