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Monday, 3 January 2011

That man Puddlecote...

...started it! He started us bloggers looking at our own inner sanctums that we like to call an office and thinking that we were the only ones with such a clutter and a very untidy workstation.

One by one we hit the keyboards to give the lowdown on our messy and unruly workplaces as we wonder how, magically, the detritus got there in the first place.

So here then is my offering, which, I must admit, looks better on film than it does in reality. And there's no prizes for guessing what I bought myself for Christmas but do give your thoughts on what it is anyway.

I've tagged Man Widdicombe, The Filthy Engineer (who must have the worst cluttered workstation I've ever saw :¬)) and the Fuel Injected Moose who have all contributed to this sorry tale of woe. (Damn, nearly forgot to tag Head Rambles, now his workstation I'd pay money to see!)

Rest in peace Pete Postlethwaite.

Actor Pete Postlethwaite who sadly died yesterday, the 2nd of January 2011.

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